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Open Tech Night - Netlify and Novicell

The future of frontend stacks, DxC and how to avoid pain

At Novicell we are opening our otherwise internal monthly tech night. We invite you to join us and Netlify for an exciting session on the future of frontend stacks and infrastructure. 

Innovation in the frontend space is moving at an alarming pace and it can be difficult to keep up. Chris Bach, Netlify cofounder & MACH Alliance board member and Novicells CTO Adam Peter Nielsen will open the discussion on development and infra of the future. Get a glimpse of what's cooking and join the discussion on where frontend will take us in the coming years. 

The talk is followed by real world examples from Netlify Guru Henry Smith on how to make life of a developers easier by providing best in class developer experience and removing countless hours of friction in frontend development. 

In the talk

  • Why this is important for both frontend, backend, and full stack devs. 
  • How Netlify makes JAM stack development easy 
  • Live demo: Develop Fast, Ship Fast, View Fast 
  • Balancing components and frameworks at Build time, Run time, every time… 
  • Live demo: WTF – (What the function) – The work horses of the modern web 
  • Life on the Edge – Caching, Edge functions, Graph and maybe even donuts? 
  • Methods of attack for transitioning from legacy to JAMstack and composable 
  • ... and more – in your face – tricks 

Discussion kickoff topics:

  • Transition and Migration
  • JAM stack war stories
  • Maintenance over time. 

The event takes place in Copenhagen, but will be live-streamed to the Novicell’s offices in Aarhus and in London, where Novicell will host, facilitate the discussion and of course provide plenty of beers and food.

Target audience: Techies, Developers, Jamstack fanboys, headless aficionados, full stack ninjas, MACH lovers, geeks...

Practical information

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    at 18:00 CET (17:00 in London)

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    The event takes place in Copenhagen, but will be live-streamed to the Novicell’s offices in Aarhus and in London.

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    Tuesday 1st. November


  • Welcome by Adam Peter Nielsen from Novicell 
  • Intro to the changes in the DXC space with Chris Bach from Netlify
  • Deep dive into what Netlify can // geeking around with Henry Smith from Netlify
  • Time for discussion + Q&A 
  • Pizza and a couple of beers 
  • Bonus in Copenhagen and Aarhus: It is election night = we will check in on results and have friendly discussions on the election.


  • Copenhagen: Amerika Plads 19, 2100 København
  • Aarhus: Søren Nymarks Vej 6, 8270 Højbjerg
  • London: 21-33 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EJ

Please click the link below to join the webinar: 


Every one can join, and feel free to jump in whenever it suits you.

Chris Bach


Chris is Co-founder, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer of Netlify. Before Netlify he spent 14 years in the agency world, where he started Denmark’s first hybrid production agency and won many international awards. He stands behind services like headlesscms.org, TestMySite.IO and jamstack.org and is one of the originators of the Jamstack term.

Henry Smith


7+ years' experience working with a variety of cutting edge technologies. A well rounded communicator with a strong technical background in programming, engineering and physics.

Adam Peter Nielsen


Dedicated and nice CTO at Novicell. Member of MACH alliance tech council, Main responsibilities - Client facing enterprise Digital business, ecommerce and tech consulting in general. Driving Internal critical master data infrastructure team and leading technical foundation and methodologies.