Extraordinary Customer Service Is Key to Fighting the Big Players in the Market

Customers typically have many touchpoints with your company. All of these touchpoints help shape the customer’s overall experience of your business.

We, as humans, have a tendency to let first-hand impressions determine our overall perception of a company. It’s called the ‘halo effect’ in the world of psychology; a concept that will soon be turning 100 years. The halo effect was originally coined in an investigation of officers' perceptions of soldiers but has since been confirmed by many other company-level studies.

More specifically, the halo effect means that if a customer experiences that the phone is answered, an order confirmation is quickly handled or that their problem is solved quickly on chat, then it will ‘positively influence’ the customer's perception of other parts of the company (that the customer either is not yet in contact with or has more difficulty in forming a concrete impression).

The customer's overall experience of your business is thus largely formed by online touchpoints and physical touchpoints. Of course, these touchpoints also influence your reputation, which you may not realise your customers are connecting to. This can include influencers who review your products on YouTube or one of the company's cars with your logo on running more or less aggressively through traffic.  

Managing your brand

You can do much to control and strengthen the face of your brand and you’ll have the most impact in the functions you can control yourself.

As such, customer service becomes one of the most important functions because it can provide positive ‘spill-over’ on products or other departments. In addition, there are a number of other hard-hitting arguments for interest in customer service:

  • 20–40% of all orders create a customer service query
  • About 80% of all customer enquiries are known repetitive queries
  • Approximately 40% of all sales take place outside opening hours
  • There is a clear connection between a webshop's Net Promoter Score (the customer satisfaction with a company's product or service and customer loyalty to a brand) and the touchpoints the customer has after the order is placed and the webshop is abandoned
  • Chat features in the sales phase increase the conversion rate

Customer service can thus become a competitive parameter that can both retain your existing customers, but also strengthen your sales and branding towards new and potential customers. 

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