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New Umbraco 7 version of Greenland’s biggest travel site is Greenland’s biggest travel site. On the website tourists can find information about Greenland’s culture and natural surroundings, and they can use it to plan their visit.

Previously, the website had won a number of international awards, and the expectations for the new version were great.

Ambitious goals for user behaviour

Visit Greenland was looking for a more contemporary and visually more engaging website. A website that was designed in such a way that it left plenty of room for the many impressive photos that are so important for an experience and travel site.

More significantly, however, the goal of the new version was to move away from pure branding and instead to create a site that encouraged increased conversions among users.

The business model is, amongst other things, based on tracking the traffic that the website sends to external travel providers.

We are very pleased with the result. Our goal was to simplify the website, to make the design less cluttered and to make photos more prominent. We also had to ensure better calls to action via the online articles. We have received very positive feedback from operators and tourists, and my own assessment is that the site performs significantly better than the old version.

Anders Stenbakken, Managing Director, Visit Greenland

Mobile first

According to Visit Greenland, the majority of users looking for their next travel destination do so via mobile platforms. As a result, the website is optimised for smartphones and tablets.

- It is crucial that the website performs optimally, whether viewed on a mobile, an iPad or a computer, says Ella Grødem, online project manager at Visit Greenland.

Three new features

Interactive city maps sorting experiences, hotels, etc.

Responsive backend makes it possible for the Webmaster to edit from a tablet.

Floating navigation on the left provides better usability on long pages

Umbraco 7 provide flexibility

The people responsible for keeping updated find that the editing options of the new version gives them great flexibility. It is easy to combine the various elements as required and directly via the editing UI.

Ella Grødem appreciates the new possibilities when creating content:

- We now have a simpler layout with short articles telling you why you should experience a given destination or activity, and quotes from tourists who have visited the sites. This way of communicating to tourists is more inspiring, reliable and powerful.

However, the target audience is not only tourists. The solution consists of three sites in one: the official tourism site, a corporate B2B-site and a media archive for Visit Greenland's partners.

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