Denmark's largest electronics online shop develops its business with focused, international online marketing

Proshop is one of Denmark's largest online shops with an annual turnover of over one billion Danish kroner. 3,000 customers from six different countries shop at Proshop's online shops – every single day.

The company is an online retailer of electronics for B2B and B2C and has 140 employees. Novicell has been Proshop's digital partner for over 20 years. 

Margins move the business

Competition in the electronics market is higher than ever. Earnings margins are under constant pressure, and retailers only earn a few dollars a year for every order sent off. It is therefore crucial that the entire 'digital machine room' is exceptionally efficient.

As the first step in customer travel, digital marketing plays an important role. Advertising and visibility must be continuously optimised to deliver traffic and sales.

The co-operation includes


Product-specific search ads based on Google Shopping feed. Increased visibility delivers higher conversion rates.

Dynamic remarketing

Targeted efforts to draw in previous visitors by exposing them to products they have previously shown interest in. And it works!

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Proshop’s products are promoted to people who have shown an interest on the online shop or elsewhere online.

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO effort covers optimising category pages, products, technical SEO, link building and training of internal employees.

SEO efforts bore fruit

Proshop wanted more online visibility. Based on data and insight from the current business and potential in the market, Novicell and Proshop have, since 2017, focused on search engine optimisation (SEO). The electronics shop had significant potential for improvement since there had previously been little focus on SEO. The process started with the low-hanging fruits and worked upwards from there. So far, the close SEO collaboration has produced excellent results. 


Keyword organic traffic was too low due to poor search engine rankings.

Novicell's solution

  • Audit of Proshop's technical challenges and prioritisation of tasks
  • Internal training of employees and advice for them to follow
  • Introduction of Novicell as a general SEO partner providing new inputs, for example new Google updates and actions
  • In-depth monthly SEO work that included:
    • Keyword analysis
    • Link building
    • On-Page optimisation
    • Technical SEO checks
    • International SEO across countries and languages
    • Monitoring in tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush and SearchMetrics.


Increase in revenue


Increase in traffic to website


increase in organic visibility

between 2017 and 2018 (from 14,676 to 40,868).


increase in estimated traffic

between 2017 and 2018 (from 122,882 to 222,736).

'Always On' marketing

- with automated digital campaigns

With 170,000+ products across many different categories, Proshop requires an automated setup since they can’t refine and edit texts on each product. 

The workaround? Novicell receives a data feed from Proshop, which is enriched with descriptive text and other metadata in the tool DataFeedWatch. The optimised product data is then passed on to the various data feeds that exhibit the products. For example, to Google Merchant Center, which feeds Google Shopping.

Product data is enriched with:

  • Titles
  • Categories
  • Availability
  • Product prioritisation and product groups with good margin / coverage

Proshop thus has a large ‘always on’ campaign setup across a number of channels and countries via the automated data enrichment and feeds that provide updated data to the various sales channels.

The customer must be a good business – from the first visit

Proshop is first and foremost a good merchant, and marketing initiatives must quickly have a direct positive return. It doesn’t make sense to pay £60 in a conversion price for an expensive   smartphone if earnings only make up £10. 

The focus is therefore not only on ‘standard’ metrics, such as CTR (click through rate), clicks, revenue, CPC (cost per click) and ROAS (return on ad spend).

In collaboration with Proshop, Novicell has, among other things, looked at overall coverage and profit, which means that real profit and ROI can be calculated on the individual focus areas. Since there is a different level of coverage for each country and product group, it provides a much more accurate picture of the real business impact than revenue and overall ROAS.

Google Ads results

Focus on Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Dynamic Remarketing delivers clear results:


increase in conversion rate


drop in CPC


increase in online revenue


increase in profit from Google Ads

in the first half of 2018 (compared to 2017)

International online marketing

The roll-out takes place in step with Proshop's general growth in various countries – and is always based on where there has been potential for good business. Novicell's marketing consultants now handle the following markets for Proshop:







We have worked with Novicell for many years, and have gained great value from their insight into our business and ability to constantly develop and optimise our online marketing setup.

Mikael Kolding, Marketing Manager at Proshop

Proshop wins category for E-handelsprisen (E-commerce price) 2019

At Novicell, we are proud of our customers – especially when they are nominated for two e-commerce prizes, up against 750 companies.

Proshop won the category ‘Best export case’, and it also earned a nice second place in the category ‘Best B2C company with online turnover over DKK 50 million’.

We congratulate Proshop on the award!

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