Are You Our new Tech Lead?

Novicell is looking for a Tech Lead

Do you want to be in charge of the development of Umbraco solutions in collaboration with some of the most interesting companies? Do you want to get responsibility for Novicell continuing to develop state-of-the-art Umbraco solutions? Then you might be our new Umbraco Tech Lead.

A part of the team

As the world’s largest Umbraco-house we are constantly at the forefront of the Umbraco platform – furthermore, we take part in the shaping of it through Umbraco Communities and the solutions we deliver to our customers. If you see yourself contributing to this, then it is exactly you that we are looking for.

About you

  • You have in-depth hands-on experience with C #, .NET and object-oriented programming.
  • You have experience with web development, API development and the HTTP protocol is your friend
  • You have hands-on experience with design patterns and architectural principles such as Domain Driven Design, Dependency Injection and CQRS
  • You take pride in thinking performance into every aspect of a solution
  • You may have experience with message queues and microservice architecture
  • You may have worked with Redis, Elasticsearch or RabbitMq
  • You may have experience with Umbraco

Your Day to Day Tasks

  • Be responsible for choices about technologies for projects
  • Ensure high performance in all projects
  • Secure the architecture for the project
  • Responsible for implementation
  • Collaborate with backend developers, project managers and clients
  • Grooming of tasks
  • Search and indexing based on Elasticsearch
  • Integrations with data from ERP, PIM and other external systems via RabbitMq and microservices
  • Caching with Redis

Practical information

  • Travel activity to other Novicell offices will be scheduled based on need and your preferences
  • The application deadline is as soon as possible. We have ongoing interviews until the right candidate is found.
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Novicell - Flink & Flittig

Novicell started in Denmark, and we have kept some of the best ideals from the Danish culture. In Denmark, "Flink & Flittig" means to be kind and diligent. We are kind and considerate. We treat each other properly and provide a high level of service to our customers. It should always be fun to go to work, and we regularly conduct a variety of professional and social activities. 

You will experience: 

  • An unpretentious organisation with significant personal degrees of freedom
  • A creative and inspiring environment with the ability to influence the company's development
  • The possibility to work away at our offices in Spain and Denmark
  • The opportunity to participate in fun recreational activities
  • An active social community

Social activities 

Every year, we gather for a summer BBQ in one of London's many parks, and during the winter we celebrate the good year with a big winter party!

You are never bored

There are always colleagues up for after-hours activities such as sports activities, FIFA, or board games

Work away

You have the opportunity to work away in one of our seven offices in Spain, Norway and Denmark


Every week, we catch up on the weekend over some free breakfast, and we enjoy lunch together every other week. The rest of the time, we enjoy fresh barista-coffee and tea

To work for Novicell

As a company, Novicell likes to ensure that their employees have a fun time. Employees are encouraged to engage in social activities together, both during and after working hours or travel to the other offices. Having a pleasant experience at work is paramount. People are driven to be creative and try new things. Novicell believes it is better to try something and fail than to not try at all.

Novicell as a workplace


Novicell kick-off

Every year, all employees from Denmark, Spain, UK and Norway unite at our annual kick-off event. Here's a video from our Kick-off 2018:

Any questions?

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