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Lighthouse Aarhus

Denmark's tallest building will be built in the new marinas in Aarhus East. The visionary building project is called Lighthouse and will be the city's new landmark when sailing into Aarhus.

Award-winning experience universe

But already now, those interested can get a very realistic impression of what Aarhus's new landmark will look like. Together with Novicell, developer’s DOMIS and Kilden & Hindby created a virtual world where you can experience the building from water, land and air.
The exclusive design combined with interactive videos, 3D animations, sound design and drone flying have turned Lighthouse Aarhus into an attraction, even in digital format.

The website has also won several international and Danish awards:

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The technology behind Lighthouse

Different technology tools mean that the user can interact with the website and get as close to the actual finished Lighthouse as possible. Here is a selection of the technology behind the award-winning design: Umbraco 7.7 Parallax Js – Scroll Magic Green sock animation platform

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"The platform provides a realistic impression of what the building will look like – not just from an apartment on the 40th floor, but all the way around. This feature is essential to facilitate sales and meet the needs of interested buyers."

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Rune Kilden, Town Planner
Kilden & Hindbye