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Max Thuesen

Max is a versatile videographer with a passion for visual storytelling. With a diverse skill set, Max brings creativity and expertise to every project undertaken.He is proficient in industry-standard software such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Final Cut, and DaVinci Resolve. Max is a mostly self-taught creative who constantly strives to expand his knowledge.

Before joining Novicell, Max built a strong foundation in his field through diverse work. Spending 2 years as an In-house Technician at Deluca Film, where he helped shoot documentaries, pre-editing, to his freelance roles as a videographer for Gamereactor.com, Max honed his skills and demonstrated this versatility in capturing and editing compelling visual content.

Outside of work, Max loves to hang out with friends, travel and relax at home with a good movie, book or series. He likes animals and is a big dog person. Max enjoys socialising with friends, travelling, and unwinding at home with movies, books, or series.