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Novicell Opens New Branch in the Netherlands

In recent years, Novicell has invested purposefully in expanding our business internationally. In addition to the UK department in London, we are also present in Madrid, Barcelona, Denmark and Oslo. In 2019, we experienced a particularly impressive year in the London department, which made us look at new business opportunities.

Published June 25, 2020 By Anders Holt

New market, new opportunities

After looking into new markets, we are now proud to announce the opening of a branch in the Netherlands this autumn. The new branch, which is expected to open in early September, will be the eighth of its kind and the fifth European country in which we operate. The office will be located in the area around Amsterdam. This very central location in Europe offers easy flight connections to and from our other European departments.

The digital solutions market in the Netherlands is in many ways similar to the Danish one. As in the UK, the CMSs that we provide are experiencing great progress in the Netherlands. In addition, many UK companies do business in the Netherlands and thus may need a local partner to improve their digital performance.

Focus on Umbraco

The primary focus of the start-up of the new branch in the Netherlands will be Umbraco. Umbraco is the Open Source CMS that best meets our requirements for functionality, flexibility, quality and scalability. At the same time, using Umbraco CMS we can fulfil the demands that companies in the Dutch marketplace have for their CMS.

We have developed over 200 Umbraco website solutions, which is why we do not have to start all over again. Instead, we reuse everything we can to make the process shorter – and, not least, better for our customers.

We are looking for new, skilled colleagues

In order to deliver digital solutions to the Dutch of the same high quality that our clients in the other departments are accustomed to, we need skilled colleagues for the new office in the Netherlands. We are currently looking for .Net/Umbraco developers, frontend developers, Digital Marketing Consultants, as well as a Tech Lead.

If you know of any profiles that might fit, please encourage them to contact us.