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All businesses can collect data, but this doesn’t mean they’re analysing it effectively. Here at Novicell, we’re a London-based Business Intelligence agency that extracts valuable insights from your business data quickly, helping you to make more efficient business decisions and turn your data into action.

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What is the purpose of business intelligence?

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    Data-driven decisions

    Having faster and more accurate data reporting will allow you to easily share information across your business and respond more intelligently to business challenges.

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    Increase revenue

    When you’re listening to your data, your customers and tracking your competitors’ performance, it will inevitably lead to a spike in revenue.

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    Identify new opportunities

    You can benchmark your data against your entire organisation so that leaders can easily identify areas of strength and opportunity.

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    Increase customer satisfaction

    E-commerce BI can help you better understand your customer behaviour and buying patterns so that you can anticipate their needs and deliver higher quality service.

A bespoke business intelligence tool

Meet Novicell Insights - our very own business intelligence tool created for data simplicity. Our very own business intelligence tool Novicell Insights is a Power BI based tool that pulls data from all your digital channels into one report. Using our three-step process for business intelligence, data-driven business no longer needs to be complex.

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Tailor-made business intelligence services  

We are technology agnostic. This means that our business intelligence analysts are unbiased toward the use of specific technologies. We’ll conform to your business, your data proficiency and the data tools you wish to use.  

Stay secure with us

We can advise you on the choice of software, data models and architecture to ensure that you are receiving the most from your data - whilst staying protected against violation of GDPR.

Want a free Business Intelligence white paper?

Data is a goldmine for businesses; make sure that you’re taking the right approach to data with our free business intelligence white paper for data-driven business.

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