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Great UX starts with accessibility

Web accessibility means creating websites that everyone can experience by removing common barriers to interaction. It’s a practice governed by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which covers a wide range of recommendations for making web content more accessible. There are millions of users out there who rely on sites being accessible, so why not make your website accessible to everyone?


Why accessibility matters

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    Accessibility reaches wider audiences

    Almost 20% of the UK population are challenged in their digital presence. That’s around 13,671,917 people. If you're not engaging effectively, you’re locking out millions of people from your website.

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    Accessibility equals satisfaction

    Nowadays, users measure their satisfaction relative to the quality of the digital experiences your business provides. So, the better and more accessible your user experiences, the more satisfied your customers.

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    Accessibility increases SEO

    When your content is more organised, understandable and accessible, it’s much easier for Google to assess and evaluate your website. This not only increases your website’s accessibility, but also makes it more SEO friendly.

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    Accessibility is the law

    Complying to the latest web accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1) is already a legal requirement for public organisations. This covers all public mobile apps, and from June 2025, will include all private companies.

We work with many aspects of web accessibility and are familiar with all three WCAG levels. We look holistically at the web accessibility field to understand its connection with user experience, traffic and performance to optimise your investment. We offer:  
  • Web accessibility audits
  • Guidance on WCAG compliance
  • Web accessibility implementation
  • Accessibility training for key staff (editors, designers etc.) 

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In this webinar, our Creative Director, Freddie Green, covers: What a user interface is and how it benefits accessibility How to create more accessible web content Dos and don’ts for website accessibility Best practices for designers, developers, marketers and project managers Future trends within web accessibility and WCAG

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With our initial assessment, you’ll receive several suggested accessibility optimisations for your website from one of our expert web accessibility consultants. 


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