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Display Advertising

Everything you need to know about display advertising

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Marketing strategy and media buying

In a media landscape where we see greater competition, higher CPC prices and more limited targeting options, it is more important than ever to be in control of your strategic marketing decisions and media investments. At Novicell, we help our customers with their media strategy. We ensure that there is a strategy for how the current setup can be optimized, as well as how a plan can be drawn up to exploit the market potential and grow the business further across efforts and channels.

Display Advertising – pick the right creative format for your campaign

  • Standard display formats

    For when the focus is on reach and frequency. These are probably the ones you know best, and which you can find on most websites. The key here is high frequency and many exposures so your brand is top of mind when the next sales opportunity arises.

  • Retargeting & Custom Intent

    As part of the low-funnel initiatives, it is our recommendation to use the Google Display Network for retargeting campaigns and custom intent. Through this, we can enrich our ad purchases with the data Google has and the learnings we have from our Google Search ads.

  • High-impact formats

    When your brand or product needs to be seen. By using high-impact formats, you make sure your ads will be noticed. The large ad size and top-page placement guarantee maximum visibility.

How to target your audience

  • Behavioural targeting

    The targeting is based on the user's online behaviour

  • Demography

    Target age, gender, parental status and income

  • Target the audience

    When you want to target interests, life events and remarketing lists

  • Animated creatives

    Animated creatives give you the opportunity to change images, products or messages continuously - they can be put in rotation, and thus communicate several things at once.


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