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HubSpot Onboarding Services

Tailored HubSpot onboarding plans designed for you

Bespoke HubSpot partner onboarding

We know that HubSpot offers a great Service to guide you through the onboarding process, but what if that’s not enough? With our HubSpot onboarding, you’ll get a more hands-on and personalised onboarding experience that meets your precise needs and includes role-specific training and change management. After all, your HubSpot platform is only as valuable as your ability to use it.

What can we help you to overcome?

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    Poor user adoption

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    Misalignment between marketing and sales teams

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    Unfulfilled use of the HubSpot platform

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    Disorganised HubSpot onboarding process

HubSpot Marketing Hub onboarding

Get technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using your Marketing Hub to grow traffic, convert leads, and achieve your marketing goals. What we’ll cover: Account setup and configuration to your specific marketing needs - Capturing and converting leads - Engaging and nurturing your leads - Automating and personalising your marketing efforts

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HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding

We’ll help you reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message by creating a lead management process that encompasses all the sales tools available to you. What we’ll cover: Account setup and configuration to your specific sales needs - Personalised sales outreach - Automate the correct elements in your sales process

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How we work

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    Kick-off call

    We’ll first discuss your HubSpot requirements, the deliverables and major milestones to getting your account configured correctly. Most importantly, we’ll unpack what success looks like to you and work toward this.

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    Discovery workshop

    We’ll explore the sales and marketing challenges you want to address and map out a prospective lead management process to overcome them. We cover the entire customer life cycle from reach and acquisition to conversion, retention and loyalty.

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    Architecture and strategy recommendation

    The output of the discovery workshop will be your new lead management process, and we’ll update this following your feedback. We’ll ensure that all business touchpoints are aligned and working together cohesively.

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    Configuration and implementation

    We’ll update and implement your HubSpot account in line with your new lead management process. We’ll also demo how we’ve set your account up and how to use the tools in line with your new lead management process

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    Training and change management

    To help you effectively manage the change in platforms and drive user adoption, our team of qualified experts will provide you and your team with personalised training on how to get the most out of the HubSpot platform.

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    Ongoing HubSpot support

    Once onboarded successfully, we’ll provide ongoing support and mentoring to further optimise your HubSpot platform and inbound marketing strategy.

Why onboard to HubSpot with us? 

From zero to hero in 60 days 

Regardless of your HubSpot license, our HubSpot onboarding plan will get you fully set up and using HubSpot within 60 days.  

Tailored onboarding plan 

We’ll tailor your HubSpot onboarding plan with our tried and tested process to onboarding. We’ll transition you with minimal disruption to your business.  


Team training and user adoption 

Once onboarded, we’ll ensure your team members are trained and empowered to be able to use every tool at their disposal.