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Standing out in increasingly saturated markets requires you to fully understand your buyer personas and their journeys. To do this, you'll need a solid inbound marketing strategy that addresses their needs at each stage of the marketing funnel with helpful and informative content. Our expert inbound marketing consultants can help you take the right steps to create more meaningful bonds with potential customers.

How do you know if you need an inbound marketing strategy?

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    Your current marketing efforts haven’t been effective in attracting the attention of qualified leads

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    People are not aware of your brand and your customers are not returning

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    You find it difficult to generate leads from your website alone

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    You’re struggling to create helpful and informative content

How we work

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    Week 1 discovery meeting

    We’ll first meet to discuss what success looks like to you and determine the milestones we need to achieve them.

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    Weeks 2-4 strategic planning

    We’ll define your buyer personas and their buyers’ journeys by interviewing key stakeholders in your company. We’ll also perform extensive keyword research and conduct a content audit, SEO audit and competitor analysis.

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    Weeks 5-8 strategy creation

    Using the information collected in weeks 2-4, we’ll map out a content plan tailored to each of your buyer personas and agree on how to attract their attention beforehand.

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    Week 7-8 inbound marketing strategy showcase

    When your inbound marketing strategy is finalised, we’ll showcase it and welcome your feedback and industry knowledge to refine the strategy before going live.

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    Weeks 9-10 campaign execution

    Once we’re ready, we’ll work hard to deliver the creative and content elements of the strategy with input and sign off from you at key project milestones.

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    Weeks 24+ review, optimise and reiterate

    Once your strategy has been live for 90 days, we’ll report on how it’s performing each quarter, and what can be done to continue optimisations.

We’ll work directly with you to...

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Interview your key stakeholders to pinpoint your target audience

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Define your buyer personas and their route to purchase

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Create a content marketing strategy and map tailored content to each phase of the buyer’s journey


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