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Grow your social engagement with a stand-out social media strategy.

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Social media – this is where you should be

It's no secret that social media is a great tool for user engagement and building your brand awareness. Social platforms offer valuable insight into your audience's tastes and behaviours online, which is particularly useful when it comes to creating a personalised customer experience and building brand recognition and trust.

Why Novicell

Perhaps you're struggling to decide which social platforms to use for your messaging, or when or what to post? At Novicell, we can help you create an effective social media strategy to suit your B2B or B2C audience. We'll help you achieve this through auditing, content creation, copywriting, and audience analysis.

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We offer a range of services to suit your conversion goals and marketing budget these include

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    Social Media Auditing

    We review your social platform's reach and engagement using data insights, along with the text, image, and video content. We also keep an eye on the competition for comparison! We then use this information to compile a brief that evaluates how well the imagery, communication and tactics are performing - in a nutshell, what works and what doesn't!

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    Social Media Strategy

    Your brand has a vision, and we want to help you to articulate this through messaging that's both clever and original in its approach. First things first, we’ll work with you to define what your brand's main goals and objectives are and how we get there.

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    Content Creation

    Create a detailed plan that outlines a content schedule over an agreed time period, designed to help you grow and maintain your audience across your organic socials. Outlining the key events in your business calendar, we'll create content briefs for your approval and then create the content accordingly.

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    Paid Social

    Reach your specified target audience through sponsored advertising content. Discover new subsets and increase the efficiency of your social campaigns.

Effective and measurable communication

Like all other communication, communication on social media must of course also be part of a higher strategic purpose. That purpose must be considered in everything from community management to social advertising and can, for example, be:

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Product sales

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Increased visibility

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Newsletter Sign-ups

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Collecting leads

At Novicell we always start by defining the goals, your KPIs and how to track these. By doing this, you ensure a constant focus on the effect of your social media efforts.


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