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August 8, 2022
Elastic All the Things

In this article, Novicell UK’s Software Developer Arkaduiz Biel will discuss why and how he built an Elastic search provider for Umbraco Examine.

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January 1, 1901
How to Conduct a HubSpot Portal Audit [+ Practical Example]

With a practical example, we’ll explore the what, why, who and how of running a HubSpot portal audit.

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January 1, 1901
Want to Improve Your Organic Click-through Rate? Here’s How

When writing page titles and meta descriptions for web pages, you have the opportunity to ‘spice’ them up with special characters and symbols of various kinds.

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January 1, 1901
User Experience (UX) as Part of the Customer Experience (CX)

‘User Experience’ (UX) and ‘Customer Experience’ (CX). They sound alike, right?

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January 1, 1901
Our Top HubSpot CRM Tips and Tricks

There are always new tips and tricks to be discovered in the HubSpot platform. Here are our top HubSpot CRM tips and tricks.

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January 1, 1901
How COVID-19 Is Changing Population Mobility According to Google Reports

On 3 April, 2020, Google released a set of reports on how COVID-19 is affecting mobility worldwide. The objective that Google pursues with these reports is to help health institutions and authorities understand and identify insights about how the population is moving in different countries.

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January 1, 1901
Can You Trust Google in 2021?

Decoding Decisions is a study by Google, that explores consumer behaviour. This blog explains what the study is about but also, what the core of the problem is.

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January 1, 1901
Umbraco vs Wordpress

Which is the better fit for your business? Wordpress vs Umbraco? What is the better fit? Do you need, or want to change your company's website? Do you know which platform is best to achieve your objectives?

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