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Your HubSpot Onboarding FAQs Answered

Published January 4, 2022 By Klim Lugovtsov

Your HubSpot Onboarding FAQs Answered

If you’ve reached this blog post, you’re either considering engaging a HubSpot solutions partner for your HubSpot onboarding or are curious about Novicell’s HubSpot onboarding services and have questions.   

What makes us different from HubSpot? What HubSpot onboarding services do you offer and how much do they cost? Who needs to be involved from our side? 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of the most popular HubSpot onboarding questions asked by our customers.  

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Should I get onboarded by HubSpot or by you? 

This is a question that gets asked more often than not during the sales process. Whilst we’d love to convince every prospect to onboard onto HubSpot with us, we’d be doing both of us a disservice.  

The truth is, there are some instances where HubSpot Direct onboarding is better suited and other instances where it makes more long-term sense to engage a HubSpot solutions partner.   

Whilst we can’t make the decision for you (and our prospects), we do ask the questions that matter: 

  • Will your team have the bandwidth to champion the onboarding process and platform expertise or capability to learn a new platform to do the implementation work? 
  • Is there an immediate need to get onboarded onto the HubSpot platform? 
  • Do you anticipate pushback from the team using the platform? 

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, our recommendation would be to consider doing your HubSpot onboarding with a HubSpot solutions partner.  

The decision should be made by you and what makes sense for your business. For all the information you need to make this decision, check out our guide on all things HubSpot onboarding.  

What onboarding services do you offer? 

We offer two onboarding packages for all HubSpot Hubs (Sales and CRM, Marketing and Service):  

Basic package – this is a low touch onboarding package where we take care of your technical setup in HubSpot. Best suited for those that need immediate onboarding onto one Hub in HubSpot with a limited budget and basic setup requirements.  

Full-service package – this is a more hands-on onboarding package and is tailored to your specific business requirements. It is best suited for those businesses that have a more complex setup and need everything in HubSpot done for them. It includes upfront strategy work, implementation and configuration of all things HubSpot, as well as basic template creation (landing page, thank you, email).  

What makes your onboarding services different to HubSpot’s? 

To guarantee a certain level of service delivery, HubSpot’s onboarding services are fairly templated. This is because they must be able to keep up with how quickly they’re scaling their operations. With HubSpot direct onboarding, you’ll experience the same tried-and-tested onboarding services as any other customer.  

At Novicell, we take a slightly different approach to onboarding. Our focus is on understanding your business operation and priorities to match your onboarding experience to those needs. Unlike HubSpot direct who guide you through your onboarding experience, we do the actual work for you. 

 Our HubSpot onboarding services typically follow this process: 

  1. Kick-off call – set the scope and timeline of the onboarding project. 

  2. Discovery workshop – deep dive into how the HubSpot platform fits into your wider business and goals, mapping out your business processes and configuring the platform to align with them.
  3. Architecture and strategy recommendation – the output of the discovery workshop will be your new lead management process using HubSpot and will serve as the technical framework to which your hub(s) will be configured. 

  4. Configuration and implementation – this is where we’ll implement and configure your HubSpot account according to your new lead management process and architecture framework.  

  5. Training and change management – to help you effectively manage the change in platforms and drive user adoption, we’ll provide you and your team with personalized training on how to use the platform.  

How much does your HubSpot onboarding cost? 

The cost of our onboarding services will vary depending on how many Hub(s) you’ll be onboarded to and which onboarding package you opt for.  

HubSpot Onboarding Packages and Indicative Pricing

How long will it take Novicell to onboard us onto HubSpot?  

This will depend on what onboarding package you opt for.  

Provided we have the necessary information from you, our basic onboarding packages can take as little as one to two weeks. 

Our full-service onboarding package typically runs over a three-month period as they have several moving parts. This can be expedited to run over a two-month period based on your availability and onboarding urgency. 

Who will need to be involved in the onboarding phase from my business? 

This is dependent on which Hub you’re onboarding. We typically recommend that a stakeholder and end-user from each team (Sales, Marketing, and Service) is present during our discovery workshop. This will help us understand the HubSpot requirements of each team and help us align them under one lead management process document.  

How much work will be required from my team? 

This is one of the most common questions we get asked about in relation to our HubSpot onboarding process. 

The short answer is that we’ll take care of most of the configuration and implementation work, something we call the ‘heavy lifting. However, your team will still have to do some work alongside you. We’ll need the main stakeholders in your business to be present in our consultancy meetings to help us understand exactly how your business operates. Moreover, we kick off our HubSpot onboarding engagements with a few discovery questionnaires to help us get a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your business. Stakeholder and end-user input is critical at this stage to enable us to configure a platform that works for everyone in your business. There are several smaller actions that might be required from your team, but we’ll guide them every step of the way.  

The most important work your team will need to do during the onboarding phase is making an effort to use the platform and get accustomed to it. Any time you learn something new, you should aim to apply this knowledge to solidify that new tool in your brain. On average, if you don't use the information you learnt in 30 days, you'll lose about 80% of it.  

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