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Novicell Insights

Business intelligence simplified

Meet Novicell Insights

Your data tends to live separately in each system, so getting a holistic view of performance across your digital channels can be tough. Our very own business intelligence tool Novicell Insights is a Power BI based tool that pulls data from all your digital channels into one report. We are a business intelligence agency in London. Using our three-step process for business intelligence, data-driven business no longer needs to be complex.

Why Novicell Insights?

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    Centralised overview

    Gathering all your data in one place can save you time and promote cross-collaboration across your organisation. It can also give a voice to some of your less celebrated business metrics.

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    Novicell Insights as a business intelligence tool is scalable and can grow with your needs and budget.

Simple three-step process

Novicell Insights is designed for simplicity. We use a three-step process that quickly collects, combines and utilises your data, so you can extract value as soon as possible. 
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We’ll create a performance overview of your current digital channels, and an automated reporting layer will be added to automatically track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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This is where the data is examined, and opportunities are sought. We work directly with you to identify probable optimisation tactics based on your data through strategy testing.

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Based on the results, we’ll implement the actions that show the greatest business potential. We’ll also expand our insights to other areas of your business as well as across your customer journeys.


Albumedix needed a business intelligence tool that combined all relevant company data into one accessible platform. We introduced them to Novicell Insights.

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Molslinjen wanted to promote business development and better understand their customer data. We did all this and more through the business intelligence tool: Novicell Insights.

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Get a free demo of Novicell Insights. We’ll provide you with a selection of standard reports similar to the ones you’d receive if you decided to work with us.

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