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Flexibility and performance with cloud-based headless commerce

Why Commercetools?

Commercetools is an e-commerce platform that understands customer expectations. Based on modern microservice architecture, Commercetools is flexible, connectable and scalable. It represents an approach that is transforming e-commerce platforms. 

Making architecture a competitive advantage

At Novicell, we have been working for many years for a best-of-breed approach to system selection. This means that it must be possible to choose the digital tools that solve the task best for a given customer’s needs. It enables us as a digital partner to connect the digital tools with the right architecture to a well-functioning platform. Commercetools is an e-commerce platform based on a modern microservice architecture and fits well into the way we think and build solutions for our customers.

Commercetools highlights

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    Cloud-first solution

    Cloud solutions are characterised by lightning-fast performance. As a cloud-native solution, Commercetools has the architecture to deliver e-commerce solutions at speed.

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    Headless approach

    As Commercetools’ is headless commerce, data is only stored in one place for all the organisation’s sales channels, making your life easier.

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    Commercetools is a very flexible platform with various integration options. If the need for a Product Information Management (PIM) solution or a different Content Management System (CMS) arises, it can be integrated.

“Commercetools is an ultra-flexible e-commerce platform that reflects the headless and cloud-native methods we have built e-commerce on for many years. We are super happy with the collaboration with Commercetools.”  

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Mikkel Keller Stubkjaer
Head of Development at Novicell UK

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