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Headless CMS

An increasingly popular way to develop

Why choose headless?

Headless is the separation of the front-end user experience and the back end of an application. This makes your website content accessible without the need for a front-end or presentation layer. Check out our video where we explain all about headless architecture in just 60 seconds.

Headless highlights

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    Multichannel setup

    With Headless architecture, you can create personalised experiences across various devices and channels, taking your user experience to the next level.

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    Advanced website longevity

    Substitute or redesign your website without impacting your CMS. Ultimately, they are separate and will not affect each other.

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    Easily upgrade your CMS

    There is no website code lingering in the CMS – this makes it more clean, upgradable and easier to maintain.

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    Tighter security

    With Headless architecture, you can restrict your front-facing website from the public domain which can help with tighter security measures.

Novicell Premium

Our very own CMS solution built on top of Umbraco maintains a headless first approach. This brings various benefits to our platform.

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