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Certifications and Compliance

We take care when processing data

We take care when processing data

We process very large amounts of data, both for our customers and their end customers. Novicell process data for a wide range of purposes, including project management, digitization and business development for our customers. It requires a large focus on data security. Therefore, we carefully put together tools and processes, so that we can live up to the best standards in the industry. We are ISAE3000 certified, and our auditor annually prepares an audit statement (ISAE3000), that reviews compliance with our described IT and data security processes. 

As a customer of Novicell, you can feel completely safe leaving this to us. 

Novicell is ISAE 3000 certified

A 3000-certificate covers a specific work process, for example General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The certificate reviews the selected field plus related documentation and provides an overall assessment of how adequately the field is handled by the company. At the same time, an assessment is given for each sub-field, so that the company can see exactly what is working as it should and what need to be worked on.

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