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We deliver well-thought-out digital solutions

We have gathered together strategic and technical skills so that we can advise you competently and help you implement the recommendations. This is how we create results. The approach is digital. The goal is to develop your business.

Software development and IT architecture

A website or a webshop is the focal point for the entire digital business. A solid solution creates results and performs optimally. When it comes to everything from integration, load times, search engine optimisation and data security.

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E-commerce and buying experience

We have the right business advisors and digital skills to deliver excellent customer experiences and increase your sales digitally. E-commerce has become a platform discipline with a focus on personal experiences and good shopping skills.

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Strategy and execution

The world is becoming increasingly digitalised. This affects your customers, their behaviour and their expectations. And it affects your company's business. But how does it affect your business? Novicell offers a range of products that help your company find and realise your digital potential.


Branding & Communication

We work with branding and communication, ranging from developing the strategy for your brand to creative concepts, content production, and launching your next campaign.

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CRM & Martech

Explore the power of CRM and Martech with Novicell. In a digital age, it's essential to understand and improve your relationship with customers through advanced CRM systems and Martech solutions. Our approach ensures that your business can attract, engage, and retain customers more effectively. From in-depth customer insights to automating your marketing efforts, we can help you create a cohesive strategy that drives growth. Dive into our specialized services to see how we can transform your business's digital landscape.

Digital Performance

Do you want to lift your digital performance to new heights? Digital success does not require the same effort every day. And very few companies have the resources to be at the forefront of all digital disciplines. With a performance team at Novicell, you get your own personal advisor who gets to know your business and draws on a team of specialists. This means that we are independent of channels and always make sure we allocate your budget to where your company achieves the greatest possible return.

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Data Value - Overview, optimisation and activation

Data Value makes you smarter about the company's sales and marketing processes. Tell us what you want to know about your own business and we'll help collect, analyse and implement measures based on the data. Where classic business intelligence collects and displays data in reports and dashboards, we develop business, automate and scale your setup so that it continuously creates value.

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Hosting and digital infrastructure

Cloud services are IT infrastructure delivered over the Internet. With cloud services, you can outsource the parts of your organisation's infrastructure that require a lot of maintenance and a lot of resources, but receive very little attention as long as they work as it should. In this way, your valuable IT skills can work on the services that make your business unique and support the next generation of your products and services.

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Experiences, business and brands

UX and design are connected with engaging and smooth experiences as well as the development of new products and services. However, our work with strategically led transformation and digital innovation is also rooted in design and in design-thinking methodologies.

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