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Are you our new colleague?

We are always looking for new colleagues who are dedicated to helping companies develop their digital potential.

At Novicell, we only have 'flinke' and 'flittige' colleagues

Novicell’s motto is ‘Flink & Flittig’ which is Danish for ‘Kind & Diligent’. This means that we treat each other with respect and kindness while also providing great service to our clients. We have replaced long employee handbooks and rules with dialogue and responsibility, and we truly believe that having fun at work is essential to employee happiness, motivation, creativity, and team-building. It can and should be part of every work day! We have decided not to comprise when it comes to having fun while delivering the best results possible. Why else spend so many waking hours together?

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    Room for diversity

    Not two Novicellers are alike, and we see that as a strength! Therefore, we define our work schedule and tasks together, so it suits your style of work.

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    Social life

    We love spending time together which can be seen in the several clubs, teams, and events that we have in Novicell. If you have an idea and go for it, Novicell always support it.

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    Fuel for the brain

    Our skilled kitchen staff ensures a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch, tasty snacks, and great beverages all day. And on top of that, we also have our own bar and microbrewery run by our own colleagues.

A digital consultancy firm

Novicell consists of business, marketing, and technology consultants with deep industry specific competencies. We help organisations utilise their digital potential to the fullest. We do that through technology independent consultancy. We make an effort to understand our clients' businesses. Once we do that, we suggest what technical solutions and digital sales channels support the business the most. Our solutions are based on facts with result oriented focus, all the while staying grounded.

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Student job and internship

Novicell is fortunate to have a large number of student workers, but we are always looking for new skilled students. As a student here, we guarantee you will learn something different from what you learn in class.

Read more about your opportunities as a student


Every year, our departments gather for a weekend with discussion sessions, team building, and social time together. It strengthens our sense of community and fosters initiatives and relations that benefit us on a daily basis. See the video and visit our Novicell.Camp website to get a sense of the camp feel.

See our Novicell.Camp website here

A place full of go-getters

At Novicell, we are driven by a purpose to create the best digital solutions for our clients while also developing ourselves - both professionally and personally. We believe that it is better to try and fail than never to have tried at all. That gives us the courage to innovate. And the great thing is that when someone proposes an idea, we take it seriously. A new module in Umbraco? Workaway in Barcelona? Cycling club? Sure - let's try it! We genuinely trust that new initiatives can succeed. That spurs a certain spirit when it happens. We can't really help but get carried away with that feeling, and we bet you can't either.

Which type of specialist are you?

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    Frontend Developer

    As a Frontend Developer, you work with SCRUM on most of our projects. We encourage that you estimate your own tasks. For deployment, we use CI/CD with Azure.

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    Data Value Consultant

    As a Data Value Consultant, you help our clients ensure a better business by utilising the value of data and give their customers better experiences.

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    Project Manager

    As a Project Manager, you contribute to the overall matching of expectations with the clients. You bring out the best competences in our team and have the responsibility of the execution of projects.

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    UX Designer

    As a UX Designer, you build experiences which not only match the ambitions of the business, but also meet the clients' needs and influence their behaviour.

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    Content Specialist

    As a Content Specialist, you are a part of our Content- and Communications Team. Here, we create the content for (digital) brand experiences. From strategy to production - in text, images and video.

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    Google Ads Specialist

    As a Google Ads Specialist, you install and optimise our clients' campaigns in Google Ads based on analyses. You'll work in Google Ads Manager, Analytics, etc.

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    Quality Assurance Specialist

    As a QA Specialist, you must ensure that we as a team deliver the highest quality. You are responsible for the test of every sprint and for the work needed to increase the level of quality.

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    Backend Developer

    As a Backend Developer, you work with Microsoft .NET framwork, C# or PHP. In Novicell, we know our proces- ses. We are not attached to given technologies, and we dare to challenge our clients. This makes us first movers - and excellent developers.

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    Data Engineer Consultant

    As a Data Engineer Consultant, your primary task is to prepare data for analytical or operational usage. Primarily via Python, pipelines are built to extract, transform, and insert data.

... and many, many more

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