Strategic digital marketing efforts with focused PPC advertising delivers results

In autumn 2017, Danish chocolate company Summerbird launched a new online shop. To ensure the new platform became a sales success, the company chose Novicell as a strategic partner for a larger online marketing collaboration.

The purpose of the collaboration was to highlight both the company and products out of season through targeted content work on the website and social media – while preserving the many holiday peaks during the year.

The collaboration consisted of:


The effort needed to create more visibility on the digital channels – eg. Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords.


Through smart use of data, we worked with established target groups that were exposed to Summerbird's products in all seasons.


As something completely new, Summerbird focused on strategic PPC work in the digital channels.

When we launched our new online shop in autumn, we wanted to make sure that it was the sales success we planned for. In this connection, it was quite natural for us to look towards Novicell to find a strategic partner who at the same time has their hands down in the dirt. We have not previously worked very much on Summerbird's online presence, but we can already see the results.

Pernille Gerner Gravesen, E-commerce Manager, Summerbird

Visibility and smart use of data

Summerbird primarily sells its goods around the holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter etc. But as part of the new venture, their chocolates needed to be ‘top of mind’ among consumers outside the holidays.

Therefore, Summerbird needed to continuously create more visibility in their digital channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Google Shopping. Summerbird and Novicell ensured visibility through strategic advertising work on established target groups exposed to Summerbird's products year-round.

The target groups represented Summerbird's core segments, but also other selected segments based on, for example, interests (chocolate, gourmet etc.). The digital strategy was to reach the target groups for an even exposure during the year – but still with an extra focus on the holidays.

Holidays can also be conceived in a broad sense, in the same way that ‘summer’ is popular for selling ice cream. As such, Summerbird's presence at the Heartland Festival (an inspirational festival around music, art and food) formed the basis for online advertising. By involving the existing customer group on the various social media, Summerbird created a secure foundation for various campaigns and offers.

Strategic and focused PPC work

Previously, Summerbird was dependent on traffic from their organic SEO. But, in cooperation with Novicell, one of the crucial points was targeted PPC advertising to improve the market position.

What’s more, the investment comes back very quickly, and if you look at ROAS (return on ad spend) in the period 1/12/2018 – 21/12/2018 (last day of shipping up to Christmas), it was 11.93. This means that each time one dollar was spent on marketing efforts during the period, it came back almost 12 times.

The effort bears fruit

The targeted work on PPC advertising is already reflected in the results:


of the total digital turnover during Christmas came from PPC


of those exposed to social media ads end up buying


higher conversion rate for PPC traffic compared to organic traffic

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