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Ark Bookstore

Ark Bookstore, in collaboration with Novicell, can launch a solution that is image-driven, modern, and dynamic, tailored to the target audience and their customer journey.

Ark Bookstore

ARK Bookstore AS is a Norwegian bookstore chain owned by Gyldendal ASA. The chain currently has 143 physical stores, in addition to the online store ark.no.

The Background of the Project

Based on the increase in online shopping in Norway and the digitized lifestyle of today, ARK wanted to boost conversions on their online store while providing a better user experience for consumers.

Recognizing that their website did not meet customer expectations, they took action. They aimed to improve their existing pages in an efficient manner without consuming much time. Of particular importance was showcasing product pages and making them as appealing and user-friendly as possible to increase conversions and enhance the user experience.

The purpose and desired outcome of these changes were to create a design that made it easy for customers to place orders, while also being user-friendly and visually appealing. Novicell was the chosen partner for this project.


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    ARK bookstore aimed to increase conversions on their online store while improving the user experience.

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    The purpose was to map out the user journey in order to optimize the design and make it easier for users to make a purchase.

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    The solution involved creating an image-driven, modern, and dynamic design tailored to the target audience and their customer journey.

"Despite consistently good results, we noticed that certain parts of ark.no were increasingly falling short of customer expectations. Instead of undertaking a lengthy and time-consuming redesign process for the entire online store, we chose to address this partially, with a particular focus on product pages.

It was important for us to present the entire range of products in a much more appealing manner, especially for items other than books. Additionally, we aimed to make the purchasing experience on product pages as flexible and straightforward as possible."

Rune Aas
Ark Bookstore

A Strong Partnership

Novicell places a strong emphasis on customer relations, and it was important for us to establish a close collaboration from day one. Therefore, we worked closely with Ark to gain insights from their various departments, especially the sales and marketing teams. This approach allowed us to gather valuable information that was already known, providing a solid foundation for our work right from the start. Additionally, this collaborative method ensured that all parties felt heard, problems were addressed, and the end product was a reflection of stakeholders', employees', and customers' interests based on user insights.

Customer Behavior and Effective Reach

To understand how customers act and how we can best reach them, we have dedicated significant time to observation in order to map out the customer journey and optimize the site for increased conversion. In collaboration with Ark, we have observed users and their user journeys to gain user insights. We have engaged with actual shoppers, implemented various tools to observe the usage of the online store, and incorporated feedback from both Ark and their customers into our considerations when designing and optimizing the site.

How can Ark utilize content marketing to enhance the user experience?

To ensure content that can be used across multiple platforms, we have also focused on Ark's content marketing. We have modernized the design language, optimized all user journeys to increase sales and revenue, and redesigned several category and brand pages to align with content marketing strategies.

The task consisted of

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    UX and frontend delivery

    Image-driven, modern, and dynamic design specifically tailored to the target audience.

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    Project management

    Close and ongoing dialogue with the customer where we continuously adapt the process and work in an agile manner.

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    Conversion optimization, user testing, mapping of user journeys.

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    Good customer relationship

    Ongoing collaboration with Ark through weekly meetings to constantly stay updated and maintain a good dialogue and close cooperation.

"Novicell quickly tackled the problem and resolved the challenge in a manner that addressed our desire for a design that appealed to our primary target audience while also keeping conversion in mind. The end result was highly satisfying, and in addition to enhancing the functionality we previously lacked to showcase other products effectively, we were also able to display books in a much-improved manner compared to before."

Rune Aas
Ark Bookstore

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