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Arriva is a British multinational public transport company operating 2.4 billion passenger journeys annually. Arriva operates in 14 countries across Europe as three divisions: UK Bus, UK Rail and Mainland Europe.

PendlerPlus - the user-friendly web app

We worked with Arriva to develop their new mobile platform, PendlerPlus, which offers commuters different membership benefits and automatic compensation for train delays. Pendler Plus is a membership scheme that Arriva commuters can sign up for free of charge. The app provides automatic compensation if Arriva trains do not run as promised, as well as access to several benefits and offers. With the PendlerPlus web app, Arriva commuters can get easy access to useful information related to membership benefits, punctuality within the last month and the number of free tickets they have available. One of the app’s most important features is its capability for commuters to redeem free tickets.

Automation opened the door to new opportunities

PendlerPlus was designed to offer commuters a free ticket each month subject to the punctuality of Arriva’s commuter services. To be able to honour this, PendlerPlus needed the functionality to analyse Arriva data and recognise when a free ticket needed to be issued.

We ensured that Pendler Plus runs with a high degree of automation in order to carry out the above with minimal user involvement. This meant that PendlerPlus could be operated and maintained seamlessly by Arriva staff.

User Experience enhanced

Our UX team worked hard to deliver a web app that is easy to understand and operate from the user perspective. We created PendlerPlus, a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing platform that is applicable to a wide segment of the population.

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Sitecore Content Management System (CMS)

PendlerPlus was developed in Sitecore, a powerful, scalable and responsive CMS solution. Sitecore would enable Arriva’s customer service department to serve and assist customers as quickly as possible by using as few tools as possible.

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"The cooperation and dynamics of the development process have been excellent. You can’t look up a book and read about how a commuter web app should work or look, so our collaboration with Novicell was crucial."

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Anders Rasmussen, Customer and Quality Manager