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BIMM – The British and Irish Modern Music Institute

With over 6,000 students, BIMM Institute is the largest provider of contemporary music education in the UK and Europe. Its eight colleges are spread across some of the most vibrant musical cities: London, Berlin, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Hamburg, and Brighton.

Pushing the brand

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    Online advertising and remarketing

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    YouTube Campaign to build brand awareness

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    Location-based marketing campaign to promote existing YouTube videos

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    Clearing application campaign – funnel-based marketing

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    Ads on Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok

The challenge

Despite BIMM’s reputation and 50 years’ experience in helping students launch successful music careers, they came to Novicell at the end of 2018 with a desire to increase brand awareness and the number of enquiries around the UK UCAS deadline. We focused on online advertising and re-marketing through social media in order to reach their target audience of young adults.

YouTube campaign

We ran a YouTube campaign to drive course enquiries and educate target customers about BIMM opportunities. Alongside this, we completed an audit of BIMM’s YouTube channel to provide recommendations around the best practices to drive engagement. Various ad formats were used including TrueView In-Stream Ads (ads you only pay for when either someone clicks on the ad or watches 30 seconds) and Bumper Ads (six second spots shown before a video). Facebook Ads included placements on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger as well as Stories.

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Location-based marketing campaign

The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of BIMM’s ‘STAPLES’ videos by running ads on YouTube. These videos featured a famous musician based around their different college locations, speaking about the five musical ‘STAPLES’ of the city. Using location data, we were able to reach viewers based on their physical location.

Funnel-based remarketing campaign

We launched a campaign to drive university clearing applications. The campaign was aimed at users who had enquired to BIMM over the last year and hadn’t applied, as well as to those who had been visiting the website frequently. As this was a highly segmented campaign, down to the college and course level, we ran creatives for each individual course and college specific to the user’s online journey.

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Snapchat and TikTok ads

Alongside Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads, we also launched a TikTok Ad campaign. This popular and fast-growing social media platform, which has 500 million active users worldwide, has proven to be a great platform to drive awareness and engagement in a cost-effective manner, especially towards the younger target audience

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impressions on TikTok

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impressions on Snapchat

What was achieved

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open day bookings

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application enquiries

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conversion rate for Google Search

"Novicell has helped us to develop our international marketing strategy and increase awareness of BIMM campuses in Germany and the UK. They have also generated some fantastic results for our clearing campaigns, a critical period in the academic year."

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Tom Picken, Group Head of Marketing