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Designers & Friends

Designers & Friends is a Danish online outlet and customer club focused on fashion and lifestyle for all age groups and genders. In order to add new seasonal products to their range, major adjustments needed to be made to their existing architecture.

New web solution supports business model

Designers & Friends needed a new online shop that could support their business model now and in the future. The solution would also be required to manage several foreign language versions so that Designers & Friends could launch internationally in the long-term.

New functionality included:

  • lighting inside a folder icon

    Post Danmark Integration

  • pen inside the setting image icon

    Responsive design

  • a speedometer with a heart icon

    Accelerated load time

  • light ball inside the folder icon

    Various integrations

    (e-trademark, Trustpilot, Facebook likes)

  • test tunes with sparkles around icon

    'Lazy loading'

    To conserve bandwidth by delivering content to users only if it's requested

Conversion optimised online shop

Besides the development task itself, we worked together with Designers & Friends to increase traffic to their site and attract new members to the customer club. Our efforts included e-mail marketing, AdWords search ads, remarketing and display campaigns. In addition, we worked together with Designers & Friends to implement ongoing search engine optimisation to ensure maximum online visibility overtime.

Together with Designers & Friends, we launched a new and improved website with responsive design, a user-friendly online shop and several online marketing initiatives

  • horseshoe icon

    Umbraco CMS

    Flexible website with excellent search and filtration options and fast load time

  • buy icon

    uCommerce Shop

    Online shop integrated with Post Danmark

  • people connections icon

    Combined marketing effort

    SEO, conversion optimisation, e-mail marketing and online campaigns

"Since switching to the new platform, we achieved an improved conversion rate of approximately 30% on the desktop platform and 50% on the mobile platform. This improvement has meant that we have reached a return on our investment after just one year."

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Frederik Kolenda, Director
Designers & Friends