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(Re)branding of Fjordgaarden's spa

A well-deserved dose of tranquility from the busy everyday life

Close to the North Sea waves, amidst scenic landscapes, lies Fjordgaarden, offering plenty of atmosphere, ambiance, and a unique hotel and spa experience just a few minutes' walk from Ringkøbing Fjord. But how do you make that clear to thousands of potential spa guests? Well, how do you transition from being a family hotel with a children's pool to positioning yourself as an exclusive spa with high ambitions? That's what we, as a creative and digital partner, have helped develop the recipe from the communication strategy kickoff to the campaign management.

Calmness, deep calmness, or calmness for two - can you feel it?

A lot of brainstorming has gone into the creation of the spa's concept—a concept that hits right into our (everyone's) growing need to "disconnect" and surround ourselves with elements that contribute to tranquility in a chaotic everyday life. And when you purchase a stay at Fjordgaarden's spa (because you deserve it), you're buying much more than a flat product or a simple hotel stay. You're actually buying the feeling of tranquility. Tranquility from everyday life, tranquility for yourself and your chosen spa companion. Pure tranquility, as you understand it, demand it, and deserve it. And you can look forward to encountering tranquility in all its shades and interpretations on your next spa visit to Fjordgaarden.

Novicell developed our new strategy when we had to rebrand Fjordgaarden.

We have only experienced that Novicell has been incredibly attentive to our thoughts and delivers an extremely professional and knowledgeable effort that aligns perfectly with us and our brand.

We use Novicell as a strategic partner because we desire experienced and professional expertise in every aspect, so we can feel secure and confident. We can wholeheartedly provide our highest recommendations to Novicell.

Brian Madsen
Director, Fjordgaarden

From goals to targeted communication

As the spa itself has been completed, we have laid the building blocks to communicate it by closely collaborating with Fjordgaarden to define and develop

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    Goals and target audience

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    Brand, concept, and core narrative

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    Visual identity and design manual

  • a logic map and a pen icon

    Digital campaign plan

...and with that foundation, we now handle the digital campaigns across platforms to help Fjordgaarden's spa attract an appropriate number of visitors to one of Denmark's widest ranges of spa experiences. Even though tranquility in the form of a spa practically sells itself.

Business online can also be offline

Indeed, a carefully crafted online presence is crucial. However, if you drop the ball on your offline touch points, you're dropping your brand on the floor.

That's why a part of Fjordgaarden's rebranding is extending the brand to all surfaces.

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