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Kamstrup has created the nearly perfect overview of the digital customer journey

Kamstrup provides smart metering solutions that enable utility providers and their customers to significantly reduce water loss and increase their energy efficiency. Kamstrup is recognised as a global leader in the utility industry and employs more than 1,500 people. Multiple channels with a lack of overview and tracking of customer movement and data gave rise to a need at Kamstrup for greater insight into each user’s interaction across their digital touchpoints, particularly their website, social media, and newsletters. The goal was clear: build a live overview of the customer journey that provides better insight into our customers' digital journey. To achieve this, Novicell was chosen as a partner.

We have enjoyed collaborating throughout the process. Kamstrup and Novicell brought together their dedicated teams of experts who have been good at sparing back and forth and making tough decisions. Dashboards can quickly grow very large and show an incredible amount of data, but together we were able to limit efforts to where the value was highest.

Sebastian Trabjerg
Digital Marketing Specialist, Kamstrup

We built a dashboard that provided the necessary insights and an easy-to-understand overview of the customer journey. Initially, the priorities were limited to the first three steps in the digital customer journey: Awareness, Consideration (Engagement & Activation), and Decision.

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Step 1: Awareness

the accumulated number of times Kamstrup has reached a user digitally, i.e., sessions on their website, visits on their LinkedIn page etc.

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Step 2: Consideration (Engage)

the number of interactions with a solution or a product and covers brochure downloads, product video views etc.

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Step 3: Consideration (Activate)

covers the number of completed form submissions, e-mail address clicks on the website, etc.

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Step 4: Decision

accounts for the number of leads, and whether those are converted to actual sales.

The new and improved overview allows Kamstrup to monitor all customers’ engagement with their company in one view – from initial engagement to lead and sale. 

Update: Since this was initially posted, two more steps were added: Step 5, Implementation and Step 6, Usage & Expansion. 

Data deep-dive

In addition to the main report, as detailed above, Kamstrup also has 26 additional report pages that help form a more detailed analysis of the data including, the various customer profiles filling in contact forms, the variation in the number of LinkedIn site visitors according to country, and how water meter target audiences behave differently when compared with electricity meter target groups.

It is quite a remarkable overview that Kamstrup has created and only a few companies go so wholeheartedly into understanding their digital customer journey. We have provided a powerful tool that enables Kamstrup to make the right decisions about their digital efforts at a level we rarely see.

Kristian Bilenberg
Senior Data Value Consultant, Novicell

The data sample consists of

icon of different lines and symbols 40 0 M

rows of data

a raising chart icon 1 0

main report

a message search with an arrow icon 26 0

detailed report pages

Clear visualisation of data in PowerBI

The architecture is built on APIs from Dynamics and Google Analytics, which are synchronized every night in a SQL database in Microsoft Azure. The digital customer dashboards and results are displayed visually in PowerBI.

Being the strategic partner

Following the development of the dashboard solution, Kamstrup has passed on the ownership from their Marketing department to their own Business Intelligence team. Today, Novicell provides strategic sparring and guides Kamstrup's Business Intelligence team to further develop the platform with the right intentions and functionalities. Kamstrup now can further develop on the platform and let it grow naturally within the company's framework as Kamstrup itself changes and moves into new activities.

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