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Knowledge Center for Digital Commerce

E-learning universe for all commercial vocational schools in the country — Knowledge for tomorrow's digital specialists

Successfully teach young vocational school students in digital disciplines

The Knowledge Center for Digital Commerce faced the challenge of capturing the attention of young vocational school students while ensuring they learn practical skills. With support from the Ministry of Education, they were tasked with developing a digital learning platform to support teaching digital competencies in vocational schools. To tackle this task, they chose us at Novicell. We offered a comprehensive range of competencies required for a heavy and complex content effort like this, including strategic consultation on form and content, in-depth expertise, and creative content production in various formats.

The collaboration consisted of

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    Kick-off workshop

    Mapping of target audience, style, tone, language, and didactics.

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    Expert knowledge translated into easily understandable and inspiring teaching materials.

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    Simulation exercises

    Testing students' learning and ability to solve specific tasks for fictional companies.

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    Video production

    Scriptwriting, recording, screencasts, and video editing for all tools.

Novicell has been excellent at listening to and understanding the task and, especially, the target audience that the Knowledge Center for Digital Commerce faced in finding a solution. The entire process has been executed with precision: from the workshop's exploration phase to scriptwriting with internal review cycles, leading to the final production of text and video. The solution has been equally impressive.

And when you receive as much praise as we have from both educators and students in the target group, it's a testament to your capabilities. Well done!

Flemming Jessen, Project manager

The right content in the right formats - on the audience's terms

Expert knowledge translated into easily understandable, visually appealing, and hands-on digital teaching materials. That's the recipe for success when it comes to educating young students in digital marketing - digitally.

At Novicell, we have experts in all digital disciplines. Therefore, the partnership with the Knowledge Center for Digital Commerce was nothing short of a perfect match - and the strong connection between digital expertise, content best practices, effective digital communication, audience focus, and creative formats formed the foundation for the development of high-quality teaching materials.

Theory and practice must go hand in hand

Developing new skills is about much more than just having good teaching materials that explain and inform. It is only when we put the new knowledge into practice that we truly learn. Suddenly, we have a much better understanding of what it's all about and how we can apply it in real-world situations. That's why we developed a simulation exercise for each of the 12 digital tools, allowing students to experience what it's like to work in Facebook Business Manager, Trustpilot, Mailchimp, and all the other tools.

In each simulation exercise, students are tasked with solving a task for a fictional company and are assessed based on their performance. They can, for example:

  • Set up a segmented newsletter for Pers Pear Production to ensure their loyal customers keep coming back.
  • Create a Facebook campaign that reaches the right target audience for React Sports' new product launch.
  • Execute a correct product setup in an online store that sells lamps.

Students go through all the necessary steps to complete the task, and at the end, they receive thorough feedback on their performance.

Show it - don't tell it

Reading about digital tools is one thing, but seeing them in action is a whole different experience. When you can follow the mouse moving on the screen and witness the many features presented exactly as they appear in real life, it enhances both the desire to learn and the chance of retaining the knowledge.

Welcome videos

As the first element on all learning pages, students are greeted with a welcome video. A consistent narrator welcomes them and briefly introduces the digital tool, including an example of a concrete brand successfully using the tool. The narrator appears in all videos, taking on the role of the students' instructor—a familiar figure guiding them through the entire learning universe.

"Are you ready? Let's get started!"

Instructional videos

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, MailChimp, Hotjar, Woomio... These are all complex tools that require years of experience to master. So, how does one convey the essence of such a tool in just 10 minutes? With meticulous preparation, scripts written by true experts, a convincing narrator, screen recordings, and graphics... Well, that's when we're getting close.

Below you can find an example of the instructional video on Google Ads. You don't need to watch all 9 minutes :-)

User Testimonials

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    I am absolutely thrilled with EcomTrainer and will undoubtedly use it in its entirety or incorporate elements from it - thank you thank you thank you!

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    EcomTrainer is awesome! It provides a great insight into working with various platforms.

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    It is excellently crafted and it further ignites my passion for working with the subject matter - thank you so much.

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    It's really clever and fun to try out. Awesome tool! It makes you want to use it and sparks interest.

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Graphic elements draw and tell.

In addition to informative texts, inspiring welcome videos, thorough instructional videos, and educational simulation exercises, each digital tool was enhanced with a graphic element to support the overall expression. The graphics are also consistent throughout the videos, further unifying the universe.

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