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Krifa - Danish trade union

Increased digital awareness.

The background of the project

It all started with an increased digital awareness within the labor movement Krifa: On one hand, digitization poses new demands due to user behavior and expectations. On the other hand, digitization opens up a wide range of new opportunities.

In light of this realization, Krifa chose Novicell as their strategic partner to develop their new digital strategy and, not least, to outline a plan for implementing the strategy.

Getting started with an action plan

The first step in the new process was a 12-month action plan for the two platforms, krifa.dk and the user site, Mit Krifa. After thorough preparation involving user tests, stakeholder interviews, and workshops, Novicell's digital strategy consultants presented a plan with three levels:

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    1 vision with 3 focus areas

    Novicell and Krifa bridged the gap between the overall strategy and the digital potential. At the same time, we identified the strategy's three focus areas.

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    6 must-win battles

    For each focus area, we identified two battles that Krifa needed to win in order to succeed with the vision. The six must-win battles were crucial for the project's success.

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    12 digital projects

    Each must-win battle was supported by specific projects. The projects were defined with key performance indicators (KPIs) that need to be achieved in order to realize the overall strategy.

The work on the new strategy resulted in 12 concrete digital projects, and a highly prioritized backlog made the setup extremely agile. The action plan contained specific ambitions and a longer time horizon for the overall digital project.

With the new plan in place, Krifa truly focused on the digital aspect. The digital strategy reached the same level of importance as Krifa's other focus areas, and the projects were specifically anchored organizationally in the Digital Development Forum – a new collaborative forum with representatives from all departments.

When working with strategic clients like Krifa, Novicell always emphasizes that digital strategy is a process that involves changing mindsets to prioritize the digital aspect. At Krifa, the digital domain has become a significant part of the organization's future and focus.

Here's how we have assisted Krifa in their digital process:

  • Streamlining the digital landscape
  • Visualizing and evaluating results through dashboards
  • Defining the self-service universe - what functionalities should it have?
  • Creating a new customer flow based on thorough investigations of existing processes
  • Prioritizing existing digital initiatives based on their impact on KPIs

Optimized customer flow

Novicell's design department has worked closely with Krifa to optimize the customer flow across devices. Based on analyses of the existing user experience, Novicell developed a new responsive design that guides users seamlessly through krifa.dk.

Novicell has been a breath of fresh air and has injected new energy into the digital process. In developing the strategies, Novicell has employed a consistent method that has made the process manageable and tangible for the entire organization.

Henri Brorson, Digital chef

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