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MaiLi is a new HA filler product and brand created by global aesthetics company Sinclair Pharma. We partnered with Sinclair Pharma to launch the new MaiLi website focused on engaging user experiences and targeted user interfaces.

Heralding the world of MaiLi

MaiLi aims to develop a global brand narrative with local appeal. It seeks to build brand awareness with various consumers and physicians in regions where HA fillers are most popular (e.g., Brazil, Iraq, Spain and Turkey). What’s more, MaiLi is positioned as a premium product for the finely curated lifestyle of a more discerning and affluent audience.

The MaiLi website needed to address all these requirements, whilst also driving interest and appeal from doctors who would recommend MaiLi to their own customers. It was critical to adapt the brand messaging to different audiences and showcase the patented HA technology driving MaiLi’s premium portfolio.

before screenshot of the website page
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Seamless interactions

As a new premium product on the market, MaiLi aims to reposition the conversation surrounding HA beauty and convey the perfect expression of science, beauty and art. To reflect this, we developed various interactive media across the MaiLi site. An example of this is a user-directed before and after image slider to provide a visual comparison of MaiLi’s sophisticated transformations.

Targeted interface

We ensured that the MaiLi website was flexible by design to allow for localised content to be displayed based on the user’s location. In addition, we created two separate websites to target two of MaiLi’s most prominent audience types: Patients and physicians.

Flaunting MaiLi technology

Included as part of MaiLi’s interactive media, we created a user-directed animation to demonstrate how MaiLi’s patented HA technology works. This feature is exclusive to the MaiLi physician site and represents another example of MaiLi’s targeted interfaces.

Continuous collaboration

Beyond MaiLi, we have launched several new websites for Sinclair Pharma and are continuously optimising across all Sinclair sites with refreshed features and functionality. We have also worked with Sinclair on various MaiLi video projects, including the videography behind a MaiLi masterclass.