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Nordic Hiit

Home workouts based on your personal training preferences

Busy everyday life

In a busy everyday life, it can be challenging to find time to prioritize one's health. Nordic Hiit aims to change that. With over 1600 workout videos in categories such as Power Yoga, HIIT, and strength training, Nordic Hiit makes it easy to stay healthy and strong. As their app and website gained momentum with new users, Nordic Hiit desired to enhance their capabilities to provide a more personalized user experience.

Personal training promoting a healthy lifestyle

Nordic Hiit experienced increasing success and wanted to capitalize on it by enhancing the user experience. The goal was to provide users with personalized workout recommendations based on their preferences and training history. Nordic Hiit aimed to transition from a static, one-size-fits-all model that offered the same videos to all users, to a flexible and individualized model that delivers a personalized experience to each user. To achieve this, Nordic Hiit approached Novicell, who suggested the Raptor platform.

Raptor and personalization

Raptor is a platform specifically designed to gather user preferences and utilize them to customize the displayed content. This is achieved through an algorithm tailored to the specific company's needs.

Once implemented, Raptor can easily observe and store the necessary information to create the ultimate personalized experience.

Therefore, Raptor is the ideal choice for Nordic Hiit, enabling them to quickly and accurately suggest the appropriate workout videos to their users, ensuring they stay motivated to maintain their healthy lifestyle.


Nordic Hiit's Solution

With the aforementioned goals in mind, Nordic Hiit created a menu on their platforms where users can specify their training level, goals for using Nordic Hiit, desired training frequency, and the workout equipment available to them at home.

While incorporating these factors presents a complex task for Raptor, it ultimately results in the best experience for Nordic Hiit's customers.

Not only do customers receive an individualized training plan, but the new platform also revitalizes older video content on the app and website that may have otherwise been buried by newer videos.

One potential concern with this dynamic solution is the impact on speed. The algorithm needs to process all parameters and preferences each time a user clicks the "next video" button.

However, Nordic Hiit doesn't need to worry. The Raptor platform can efficiently sort through all this data within milliseconds, ensuring users experience no delays between videos.

Thanks to the seamless integration of Raptor, Nordic Hiit can deliver personalized recommendations and a smooth user experience, allowing customers to enjoy their workouts without any interruptions.

Solution is still new, but we expect that the implementation of a more personalized experience on our platform will result in better training outcomes for our customers, which means they will stay with us longer, now that their experience with us is 100% tailored to their behavior and preferences.

Ida Wad Clemensen, Founder
Nordic Hiit

Enriched Life

With Nordic Hiit's new platform, they can assist all their customers in their journey towards a healthier and better life. They celebrate hard work and motivate their users to push their limits with encouragement and personalized adaptation that maintains attention.

Nordic Hiit can be experienced wherever you download apps or at https://www.nordichiit.com.

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