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Plantorama - Click & Get Delivered

With the assistance of Novicell, Plantorama established a brand-new business unit in just 14 days

Plantorama and Novicell in extensive digital collaboration

Here, you can watch Plantorama's Omnichannel Manager, Ditte Lunde Hardahl, talk about the long-standing partnership between Plantorama and Novicell. It spans across various areas, including CMS, PIM, brand experience, and delivery concepts. Following this case page, you can read about the more specific collaboration in establishing Click & Get Delivered.

A decisive decision when COVID-19 hit Denmark

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in the spring 2020, Plantorama faced its peak season. With the fear of having to close down its 11 garden centres, there was little time for hesitation. The organization promptly embarked on developing its online business.


Plantorama, the country's largest chain of garden centres, had to act swiftly when the coronavirus pandemic brought Denmark to its knees in the spring of 2020. The chain was entering its peak season when the Prime Minister, during her pivotal press conference on March 11th, ordered the closure of large parts of the country. This posed a real risk of emptying the chain's 11 garden centres of customers in the midst of a season crucial for generating a significant portion of the annual revenue. However, the Danish family-owned company remained resilient.

With the assistance of Novicell, Plantorama acted decisively and quickly, accelerating a major online initiative by one year on the calendar. Within just 14 days, they successfully launched an online store with home delivery.

The collaboration consisted of

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    Time to Market

    Speed was crucial for Plantorama when Denmark went into lockdown. They managed to establish a new online shop within just 14 days.

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    Custom-made shop

    In collaboration with Novicell, Plantorama has developed a tailor-made e-commerce solution. The shop is integrated into Plantorama's Sitecore solution.

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    Plant design

    Novicell has quickly designed the shop to support Plantorama's vast and inspiring content universe.

Together with Novicell, we have succeeded in the project because all teams have been adaptable and highly motivated to make a difference for Plantorama during a crisis.

The launch of Click & Collect before the lockdown provided us with valuable learnings and confidence that we could leverage to the fullest in the home delivery project when Denmark went into lockdown, and everything had to move extremely fast.

Ditte Lunde Hardahl, Omnichannel Manager

When speed is of the essence

Spring is the season when Plantorama generates the majority of its revenue. With the potential closure of their 11 garden centres, it was crucial for them to act quickly to continue selling products even if the centres had to shut down. A little over a month before the lockdown, with the assistance of Novicell, Plantorama developed their Click & Collect service, where customers could order their items on the website and pick them up at one of the chain's 11 centres. The plan was to expand this service to include home delivery the following year, but due to the lockdown, this service was expedited. From the decision being made to the launch of the new Click & Get Delivered service, only 14 days passed.

It was possible to work so quickly because the home delivery service was built upon the engine of the Click & Collect service, which was already prepared for expansion with Click & Get Delivered – albeit planned for the following year. The project also gained momentum and "extra speed" from having Novicell's specialists located at Plantorama during the development phase. A home delivery service is much more than just a technical solution. In addition to the technical aspect handled by Novicell, Plantorama's team worked around the clock to define a range of internal processes, including a route planning system integrated with the company's ERP system. Furthermore, Plantorama had to acquire 11 delivery vehicles to transport the goods to customers. All of this took place in a situation where almost all administrative staff were working remotely.

Tailor-made commerce solution

The Click & Collect service is a tailor-made commerce solution designed to best support Plantorama's needs. The shop is built on top of Plantorama's existing Sitecore solution and is designed to complement Plantorama's extensive content universe. When you visit Plantorama.dk and, for example, search for inspiration for suitable indoor plants for south-facing windows, you will naturally be presented with relevant offers in the shop that relate to the topic. Novicell's design department has ensured that the shop solution aligns with Plantorama's visual identity.

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