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Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival is a Danish music festival held annually south of Roskilde. It is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in the Nordics. Event organisers needed a frictionless way to manage the large number of volunteers, guests and musicians.

Together with Roskilde Festival we created the new digital platform: People

This platform was specifically designed for Roskilde Festival and therefore accomodates their individual requirements perfectly. For example:

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    ‘Volunteer’ section

    The ‘volunteer’ section manages everything from tickets, wristbands and accommodation to collections of pre-ordered t-shirts. Each volunteer has their own profile which can be accessed and updated by themselves

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    Built-in communication channel

    The platform has a built-in communication channel where teams can communicate with each other

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    ‘Guest’ section

    The ‘guest’ section manages all guests including suppliers, corporate sponsors, musicians and many others. The app is able to process over 50 types of guest wristbands from permits and access to accommodation and food

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wristbands in total

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wristbands per hour

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teams using the platform

The collaboration

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    Event management

    The ‘People’ platform is an event management system built to manage the many individuals who participate in the festival.

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    Every volunteer can access the system and update their data as well as communicate with their team members.

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    Information overview

    ‘People’ provides an overview of everything from wristbands and accomodation bookings to the allocation of staff on teams.

Event management has never been easier

‘People’ is designed to lead more than 30,000 participants swiftly through the event check-in process. This includes wristband exchange and entrance directions. The mobile platform delivers daily status updates on the number of wristbands handed out and how many are still awaiting collection. This ensures that Roskilde Festival can manage its resources optimally.

"Without our many volunteers we would have no festival. We needed an agency to develop a platform that supports the enormous task of coordinating both volunteers and other participants. Novicell delivered a great solution.”

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Steen Bechmann Henningsen, ITO
Roskilde Festival