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Summerbird is a Danish chocolate company focused on high-quality, natural ingredients and innovative tastes. Their goal is to set chocolate on the highest rank of the culinary hierarchy. In 2017, Summerbird approached us with a desire to launch a new online shop whilst ensuring that the platform became a sales success outside of peak holiday season.

Brand awareness all year round

Summerbird primarily sells its goods around the holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. However, Summerbird needed to ensure that their chocolates were top of mind among consumers all year round.

Accelerating online visibility

Our expert digital specialists worked to maintain even marketing exposure for Summerbird outside of the peak holiday season. We proposed that holidays can also be conceived in a broad sense, in the same way that 'summer' is popular for ice cream sales. Summerbird's presence at Heartland Festival therefore formed the basis of their online advertising, keeping their brand relevant outside of the traditional holiday season.

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of digital turnover during Christmas resulted from PPC

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Conversion rate on social media ads

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higher conversion rate for PPC traffic

The collaboration included

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Improving online visibility

Online advertising aimed to create more visibility on digital channels

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User research

Through smart use of data, we established target groups that were exposed to Summerbird’s products in all seasons

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PPC advertising

Strategic and focused PPC work across various digital channels

Lucrative PPC strategy

Summerbird was dependent on traffic from their organic SEO. However, focusing on SEO alone just wasn't enough. To improve their market position further, we advised on PPC advertising. The investment came back very quickly with an $11.93 return on ad spend over a 20-day period. This means that each time one dollar was spent on PPC advertising, it came back almost 12 times.

This is how we work with digital advertising

"When we launched our new online shop in autumn, we wanted to make sure that it was the sales success we had planned for. In this connection, it was quite natural for us to look towards Novicell to find a strategic partner. We have not previously worked very much on Summerbird’s online presence, but we can already see the results."

Pernille Gerner Gravesen, E-commerce Manager