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Sweetdeal can now present more relevant deals to different types of customers

Sweetdeal.dk - also known as Denmark's largest deal portal - is an e-commerce platform where the focus is on offering customers the best deals at advantageous prices. Their business is based on understanding what their customers dream of and having relevant and beneficial deals and offers ready on the website. With over 1,000,000 visitors each month on Sweetdeal.dk, 800,000 newsletter subscribers, 25,000,000 monthly email distributions, and consequently, an enormous permission base, Sweetdeal generates massive amounts of clicks and traffic across their systems. This necessitates the right tool to dive in, process the data, and showcase valuable connections and analyses.

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More focus on deeper data insights and better customer experiences

A deal typically has a lifespan of 2-3 weeks, and therefore, Sweetdeal.dk sought measures to more effectively target their campaigns to relevant customer segments based on insights from their data. They wanted to make deals more value-creating for their customer database in order to promote better customer experiences and, naturally, grow their business. It was crucial that customer data from different systems and channels be consolidated into a single tool, which would then become the new "single point of view." Additionally, the tool needed to serve multiple functions within the company, allowing the data to be utilized across departments.

It has been a positive experience working with Novicell. They were quick to understand our needs and provided exciting input on what could be valuable to fulfill our desires. It has been a very insightful collaboration because there has been so much data to work with.

Carsten Blom-Hanssen, Managing Director

Sweetdeal makes decisions based on a digital and automated performance overview

In the solution, historical data and daily transaction data are gathered in an SQL database, from which reports and analyses are generated and displayed in a Power BI-based dashboard, providing insights in one consolidated view. Sweetdeal's 19.95 GB of data from various systems and channels were collected, allowing them to monitor their efforts across systems and channels and adjust their strategies accordingly. With just a few clicks, Sweetdeal can now stay ahead and sell more targeted deals to their customers.

During the collaboration between Novicell and Sweetdeal, the most important report pages were defined. A selection of the 7 report pages is shown here:

Orders and Revenue

This report page aims to provide insights into the performance of product verticals across channels. It showcases the top campaign and how it compares to others in terms of performance. It also provides insights into web traffic, conversion rates, order sizes, and the number of deals sold. The page can be filtered in various ways, such as by deal type, geography, channel, customer type, seller, partner, and more.

Deal Performance Analysis

Sweetdeal has the ability to delve into the performance of individual deals compared to others. It allows for an assessment of how a deal performs at different price points, in various geographical locations, at different times of the year, and across different customer types. This analysis provides crucial insights into whether and how the deal should be adjusted if it is to be run again.

Geography - Customers and Deals

To gain better customer insights, there is a report page with a geographical aspect where Sweetdeal has the ability to explore based on geography. It visualizes performance by city, allowing for filtering by various metrics such as revenue, number of orders, conversion rate, and more. This provides Sweetdeal with a better understanding of which deals should be marketed more intensively in specific postcodes.

Once the dashboard is up and running, it is crucial for the organization to allocate resources to review the reports and leverage them to optimize the business. The goal is for the dashboard solution to significantly enhance Sweetdeal's business as they learn to examine the reports and translate them into adjustments in deals and marketing efforts.

The dashboard is built on Power BI and the Azure suite

Power BI is Microsoft's dedicated effort to create a robust Business Intelligence solution. It has been consistently recognized as a Leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms by Gartner's Magic Quadrant for several years. Microsoft releases significant updates to Power BI every month, introducing new features that provide users with even more valuable insights. Some of the key advantages of Power BI include its ability to handle large volumes of data, efficiency in data transformation and integration, and a wide range of visualization and analysis modules for generating insights from data. Additionally, it is designed to leverage the organization's user and rights management, ensuring that users only access the appropriate data. Sweetdeal's dashboard solution also utilizes Microsoft's Azure suite to retrieve data from various APIs, such as through Data Factory, and store the data in SQL.

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