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The Aarhus Region

Digital efforts are crucial for the development of tourism in East Jutland

About the Task

The Aarhus Region is the official tourism organization for East Jutland, aiming to contribute to the development of tourism in Aarhus and Djursland and promote them as holiday and travel destinations. With an increased digital awareness at The Aarhus Region and the emergence of many new digital opportunities, a common challenge arose, as experienced by many companies: prioritizing digital initiatives and allocating resources to realize them. Recognizing the need to take a major step in the digital realm, The Aarhus Region chose Novicell as their strategic partner to develop a new digital strategy.

New Digital Strategy

The objective of the strategy was to support the entire business, from attracting more visitors to the destination, to servicing guests during their stay, and enhancing the digital presence in the conference sector. Additionally, there was a desire for the strategy to address the requirements for new internal and external systems, as well as outline how the Aarhus Region should approach the new digital focus in the future.

A structured methodology as the foundation for the new digital strategy

By leveraging Novicell's methodology, the process has led The Aarhus Region to identify the digital initiatives that can best achieve their overarching business objectives. The approach has been centered around customers, the market, and internal processes, uncovering challenges, opportunities, and untapped potential that can elevate The Aarhus Region's purpose. Novicell's methodology is divided into four phases: analysis, strategy, planning, and impact, all of which have assisted The Aarhus Region in progressing on their digitalization journey.

Read about Novicell's methodology here

Strategic foundation with a concrete action plan

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    Four strategic focus areas

    Novicell and the Aarhus Region have worked on a vision and strategic focus areas that align with VisitAarhus' overall business strategy and digital potential. The vision and digital strategy are intended to target the Aarhus Region's prioritized audience and desired positioning in the future.

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    10 digital projects

    The strategic focus areas and their corresponding Must-Win Battles are supported by specific digital projects. The success of these projects has been defined through the use of KPIs that collectively contribute to the realization of the strategy. The 10 digital projects have also been detailed in a roadmap and a concrete action plan.

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    Must-Win Battles

    For each focus area, a series of Must-Win Battles has been identified, which the Aarhus Region must win to succeed with the vision. Must-Win Battles are critical initiatives necessary for success.

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    Business case

    A business case was developed to provide an overview of the business value that the Aarhus Region' digital initiatives and presence create, both now and in the future.

Looking towards the future

In addition to the four points mentioned above, Novicell has assisted the Aarhus Region in cleaning up the digital landscape and provided recommendations for an advantageous and future-proof system landscape. The work on a digital strategy was part of a transformation that primarily focuses on changing mindsets to build a competent and performance-oriented organization that delivers results for the Aarhus Region, its partners, and businesses. Therefore, one of the recommendations for the Aarhus Region was regarding organization and governance to ensure prioritization of digital initiatives. With the new plan, the Aarhus Region has a concrete action plan for their future work on digitalization.

We now have a strategic foundation that the entire organization feels involved in and supports. We have a precise definition of our vision and goals, as well as the projects we need to undertake. And we have become clear on how we need to align our organization and enhance our skills. In one year, we expect to have taken a significant digital leap forward!

Trine Graae Lundorf
Director of Development, the Aarhus Region

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