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Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is an analytics tool for collecting and analyzing web behavioral data, with a strong focus on personal data and compliance with GDPR regulations.

Piwik PRO

With Piwik PRO Analytics, you avoid data collected on the website being shared with others. The data is yours, and you decide what happens to it. The collected data is hosted in the EU and includes key functionalities known from Google Analytics. On-premises and private cloud options give you full control over your data and the ability to securely analyze digital user experiences in multiple locations.

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Why choose Novicell as your implementation partner?

Novicell is among a small handful of consulting firms in Denmark recognized as Piwik PRO Analytics specialists - to the great advantage of our clients seeking an alternative web analytics solution to Google Analytics.

Our tracking and analytics specialists have an in-depth knowledge of Piwik PRO Analytics and its many capabilities. Through our partnership, we are one of the country's strongest and most competent teams in the setup and utilization of the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, and we are ready to assist companies looking to adopt an alternative tracking solution to Google Analytics.

Advantages with Piwik PRO

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    GDPR regulations

    With Piwik PRO, the company can collect personal data while also complying with GDPR regulations.

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    Hosting in the EU

    All data collected is hosted in the EU.

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    Complete datasets

    Adjust tracking to match your privacy and security requirements. No sampling and reliable performance during traffic spikes.

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    Powerful analytics stack

    Utilize other Piwik PRO modules - Tag Manager, CDP, and Consent Manager - to expand the capabilities beyond Analytics.

Piwik PRO Analytics partner

To be appointed as a Piwik PRO Analytics partner, one must meet a set of high requirements, and we have been selected based on our expertise and experience in setting up and utilizing Piwik PRO Analytics solutions.

Piwik PRO Solutions - Core & Enterprise

Piwik PRO offers two distinct solutions: Piwik PRO Core and Piwik PRO Enterprise. The choice between these depends on your company's needs, including how many actions you need to track on a monthly basis. Actions might include page views and events.

Moreover, the solution you select influences how long your data is stored. You may be accustomed to Google’s Universal Analytics storing data for many years, enabling cross-year comparisons. This has changed with GA4 (the successor to Universal Analytics) and in Piwik, where data is retained for shorter periods. Are you already using Piwik Pro? Contact Novicell to explore how we can customize your setup, allowing you to analyze data over extended periods and ensure your Piwik Pro data is preserved.

  • Piwik PRO Core

    Piwik Pro Core is a free solution as long as your website registers fewer than 500,000 actions per month. If you need to track more actions on a monthly basis, you can switch to a paid version, which offers the option to purchase additional action packages. Data in Piwik Pro Core is retained for 14 months, and the license can be used on up to 10 websites/apps. While there is no dedicated support, access to Piwik's Community Forum is provided. As a Piwik PRO Partner, Novicell has access to dedicated support from Piwik, enabling us to assist you should the need arise.

  • Piwik PRO Enterprise

    Piwik PRO Enterprise is a paid solution, allowing you to track between 2 million and 4 billion events per month. Your data is stored for 25 months, and you have direct access to dedicated support from Piwik. Additionally, with Novicell's extensive experience in setup, we can facilitate a smooth transition from tools like Google Tag Manager/Analytics to Piwik. If your traffic is sufficient, you can also opt for your own dedicated server, thereby enjoying unlimited data retention.

Integrations in Piwik PRO

You still have the ability to integrate a myriad of process and marketing tools. Popular marketing integrations include: - Google Ads - Google Search Console - BigQuery For data visualization, you can integrate: Power BI - Looker Studio - Google Sheets And many more integration options are available.

Novicell helps you find the right solution

Are you unsure which Piwik Pro solution best suits your company's needs? At Novicell, we can guide you to the right Piwik Pro solution that matches your business requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about the right solution for your company.