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PriceShape is a price comparison service that can be used to create individual pricing strategies and target marketing efforts based on competitors' pricing.


PriceShape offers price and competitor monitoring software, which provides an overview of competitors' prices and price history in the market. It can be actively used as a tool to optimize pricing strategies, increase revenue, and ensure profitability. PriceShape can be used by all types of businesses.

Link to priceshape.com

Is your company operating in a highly competitive market with many offers and numerous competitors? Or do you need a tool to optimize your pricing? Then PriceShape might be the solution for you. PriceShape is a piece of price and competitor monitoring software that allows your company to utilize competitor data in pricing your own products, for example, through dynamic pricing. Your company can use it to increase revenue, improve the bottom line, or pivot the business in a new direction. Novicell can assist you in assessing needs and solution options on the PriceShape platform.