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Novicell is a leading development agency in WordPress solutions. We have several years of experience with WordPress and have built many solutions for Danish and international companies


WordPress is an open source CMS that powers 43% of the websites on the internet. It is very popular for many good reasons. WordPress is a CMS for both large and small businesses.

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Why choose Novicell?

A successful digital presence requires a world-class CMS platform. WordPress, given its global prevalence, is a secure choice in itself. Novicell is a leading WordPress development agency with over 35 delivered solutions on the WordPress platform.

Novicell has provided WordPress solutions to public organizations, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, professional services, and many others. We have a dedicated WordPress team that is passionate about the system and knows it inside out.

Most widely used system

WordPress is the open-source CMS powering a remarkable 43% of websites on the internet. It is highly popular for many good reasons. For instance, it is one of the most user-friendly systems to work with, both for users and developers, thanks to its logical and intuitive structure. Additionally, there is a plethora of excellent plugins available that can expand the system's functionality to fulfill almost any requirement. A prime example is WooCommerce, which can quickly transform your regular website into an e-commerce store. It allows for seamless integration with inventory management systems, financial systems, and payment gateways.

We customize the website - you keep the code

We have a dedicated WordPress team that constantly enhances their expertise in the system. Drawing from extensive experience, we don't start from scratch every time. As a customer, this means there is more room for tailoring the solution to your specific desires and needs. By choosing to build your website with WordPress, you gain a flexible and user-friendly solution of high quality that can encompass your entire business. You receive code that can easily be taken over by others and doesn't compromise on design.

Benefits of WordPress

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    No licensing costs

    Open source. There are no ongoing licenses. And you get access to thousands of free plugins.

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    Quality assured system

    Solid and well-built core, as well as high and stable performance.

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    Incredibly user-friendly content editing and great user management options.

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    Popularity is your security

    43% of the internet is built on WordPress. Therefore, it is a system known by many developers and easy for new hands to take over the code.

I am good at cooking. That's why I dedicate all my time in the kitchen to ensure that my customers have the best possible experience at Det Glade Vanvid. If that were enough, all good restaurants would surely be filled with happy guests. But unfortunately, the world is not like that. That's why the collaboration with Novicell is the best for a good chef who isn't particularly interested in IT and marketing.

Novicell ensures that even more tables in the restaurant are booked, that guests come, even on weekdays, and thus, the restaurant is a profitable business for me.

Lasse Koch
One of the Koch Brothers, Founder and Co-owner, Det Glade Vanvid.

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