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AGF Live

It's difficult to catch everything when watching a football match at the stadium. That's why Novicell and AGF have created a solution where spectators receive live streams and match facts in real-time

The solution

AGF Live is a mobile-responsive website that provides real-time updates to spectators at or around the stadium. The site uses Geolocation to determine if the user is within a specific radius. This enhances the regular stadium experience by providing match statistics and facts, player profiles, quizzes, and live cameras to the spectators.

The platform supports

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    Live Updates

    AGF Live provides spectators with real-time updates while the match is being played on the field.

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    All spectators can access the service using Geolocation, provided they are at or around the stadium.

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    AGF Live offers both useful information and interactive features during the match.

AGF Live is designed to enhance the live football experience for spectators and increase attendance. The solution can be used for contests, discounts, and promotions. Spectators can log in with their social media accounts to receive a tailored experience and create posts to share information.

When watching a match at the stadium, it's easy to miss a goal or a chance. Live cams from the TV signal with a 30-second delay enable an extended visual experience directly on mobile devices. Additionally, there are cameras installed in the player tunnel and on the home team's bench. This allows spectators to see what the coach is doing on the sidelines or observe the players in the tunnel just before they step onto the field.

How It Works

Users can access the website through the browser on their mobile phones. Due to TV rights and permissions, Geolocation is used to determine if the user is near the stadium. Depending on the agreement with the statistics provider, the club can send a wide range of statistics to the users. This can include the distance covered by the entire team or individual player, the number of shots taken, successful passes, and more.

Technically, the website is divided into two parts: The first part is the actual website, a flat HTML site built in Angular, which is only about 200 KB in size. This ensures fast loading on a mobile phone and puts a minimal load on the server. The second part of the system is an API that handles data delivery to the users. The API is built on Umbraco, and behind it are a set of services that fetch match statistics and push them to the users. New data is collected every 10 seconds and presented to the users immediately. The technology used to push data to the phone is called SignalR, which allows data to be updated while the website is open, eliminating the need for users to manually refresh the browser to get the latest data.

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Tailored for AGF

AGF wanted a solution that could handle multiple users simultaneously while offering a wide range of features. AGF Live makes this possible, and at the same time, it is easy for AGF to manage the content within the solution. AGF works within the API part, which is Umbraco. They create their own content nodes, banners, and more. The editors are unaware that the system is divided into two parts, but this division is crucial for the solution's performance.

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