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Novicell is the world's leading Umbraco development company. We have launched more than +200 Umbraco solutions. We are an Umbraco Gold Partner, Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse and have won several Umbraco Awards


Umbraco is a Danish-developed content management system built by the Danish company of the same name. Worldwide, more than 500,000 companies have chosen to build their digital presence on Umbraco. Umbraco CMS is coded in the widespread .NET technology and is an open source platform, which means that the source code is freely available and can be downloaded for free. The global Umbraco network contributes both free and commercial extensions.

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Why choose Novicell?

A successful digital presence requires a world-class CMS platform. A platform that is user-friendly, scalable and future-proof. Umbraco is one such CMS platform. And as the world's largest Umbraco supplier with over 200 solutions delivered, we are perhaps the implementation partner on the market who knows Umbraco the best and all its details.

Novicell has delivered Umbraco solutions to both B2C and B2B, ecommerce, public organisations, subscription businesses, self-service solutions, hotel chains, festivals and interest organisations.

Umbraco Gold Partner

Since 2011, we have had the highest partner status, Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner. We are also an Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse. Our expertise and know-how is your guarantee that your company will be up and running quickly and smoothly with a best-in-class Umbraco solution. We are a recognised and active member of the Umbraco community, participate on an ongoing basis with the development of the Umbraco platform and keep ourselves up to date at, for example, Umbraco's annual Codegarden event.

Winner of the Umbraco Award

Every year, Umbraco presents awards for the best Umbraco solutions in a number of different categories. In 2020, we became the Umbraco Award Winner in the Best Designed Site category with the solution for Metroselskabet. In 2018, we became a double Umbraco award winner for Best Designed Site with Lighthouseaarhus.dk and Jury's Choice for the solution for Benns.

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Advantages with Umbraco

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    No licence costs

    Open source. There are no ongoing licences. A large community worldwide contributes to the continuous development of Umbraco.

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    Integration with business systems

    Umbraco is suitable for all types of companies. Umbraco can accommodate all companies, large and small and independent of industry.

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    Ease of use

    Umbraco is intuitive and simple. Umbraco is known as "the friendly CMS" and with good reason.

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    Umbraco provides unlimited possibilities. With Umbraco as a CMS platform, you get a flexible and scalable website or app.

We strive to provide our customers with the best buying experience while at the same time wanting to be able to act and react easily and quickly in a market that is constantly changing. In this respect we are very happy with the solution that Novicell has created.

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Kenneth Nellebjerg, Sales & eCommerce Manager

MACH Architecture

Novicell is the first Danish-owned consulting firm to achieve membership in the MACH Alliance. The MACH Alliance is internationally recognized as the standard-bearer for the MACH principles, where businesses break down their large IT solutions into smaller, specialized "best-of-breed" platforms that better support the actual needs of the company. At Novicell, we are technology-agnostic and focus on recommending the best tools to our clients, including Umbraco. We view Umbraco as a valuable resource in our toolkit if it aligns with your specific needs.

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Companies we have assisted with Umbraco: