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Reliability and competence wrapped in an inviting and modern design

New Website

Need advice on succession planning, transfer pricing, or new VAT regulations? Or do you simply want to explore the impressive new website of one of Denmark's auditing and consulting firms? Then you should visit beierholm.dk. Beierholm is an auditing and consulting firm catering to small and medium-sized businesses in Denmark, providing a wide range of auditing and advisory services. In such an industry, a high level of competence and credibility is essential - and, of course, a website that precisely reflects that. Beierholm and Novicell initiated a collaboration for a new beierholm.dk - starting with a clarification phase on how clients approach and behave during the search phase and what is important for them to encounter on a website.

Revision, economy, and consulting wrapped in an inviting and modern way

With the new website, revision, economy, and consulting have been wrapped in a modern and inviting way. At the same time, it also reflects Beierholm's strong values: Credibility and accountability. Beierholm's brand identity and positioning have been carried forward onto the new website and highlighted through colors, graphics, and iconography. One element that has been given special attention is the image style, which aims to emphasize that Beierholm communicates with customers on their level. Therefore, many of the images found on the website are of people, capturing the atmosphere and situations relevant to the industry the content addresses. Speaking on their level is also achieved by creating visually appealing and straightforward elements on the website.

In addition to its elegant design, Beierholm has also used the website as an opportunity to launch new advisory services, such as sustainability and responsibility consulting, and to introduce a new events page featuring upcoming events.

Structure of the content and good search features

When offering a wide range of services to various industries like Beierholm does, it is important for the website visitors to quickly get an overview and find relevant professional information. There was a need for a good UI and interaction design, as well as improving the organization and searchability of large amounts of content.

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User-centric approach

Therefore, the website now offers an intuitive structure where the user's visit is based on their specific purpose. The user can start by selecting their industry, the relevant service they are looking for, or a specific topic, all made possible through a carefully chosen taxonomy on the website. All content is meticulously tagged to present relevant and related information in searches. The website's search function is powered by Elasticsearch, an open-source software.

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Beierholm assists companies throughout their business lifecycle, for example, in areas such as starting a new business, dealing with banks, expanding the company, advice on digitalization, outsourcing, and succession planning. Therefore, the website also provides content related to these different phases of a company: 'Starting a New Business,' 'Meeting with the Bank,' 'Company Expansion,' 'Digitalization Advice,' 'Outsourcing,' and 'Succession Planning'.

We have a really good collaboration with highly skilled and dedicated people at Novicell. They have a good understanding of our business, and they manage to convert it into online solutions. It gives us an advantage in the market.

Helle Lykke Boyding, Communication consultant

The website is built on Drupal 9 Premium

The choice was made to build the website using the Drupal CMS. Drupal was a clear choice because Beierholm has large amounts of content that needs to be organized into different categories: different industries, different audit and advisory topics, different stages of company development, and different publication years of content. Additionally, Drupal is known for being a good CMS if you want access to building flexible landing pages with many advanced building blocks. The foundation is a Drupal Premium 9, which represents Novicell's best practices in web development packaged into a "building foundation" that can be further developed upon. With a Premium solution, you start with a wide range of core functionalities out-of-the-box, such as rights management, multilingual support, menu structure, revision history, and scheduled publishing.

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The hosting solution is Microsoft Azure Kubernetes

Novicell has chosen to run beierholm.dk on Microsoft's Cloud Platform Azure. The solution is an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), which offers several advantages: 100% managed container orchestration service, provisioning, scaling, upgrading as needed or on-demand, all without downtime, and not to mention AKS node auto-repair. And yes, even if you are using the PHP programming language, you can still utilize Microsoft Hosting.


Beierholm needs to be digitally visible

Novicell also assists with visibility, which includes online advertising, SEO, and SEA. The efforts are naturally monitored on a Novicell Insights dashboard, allowing Beierholm to adjust various channels and budgets accordingly. Beierholm's digital visibility aims at both branding and conversions.

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