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Novicell is a leading Drupal development agency. We have launched numerous Drupal solutions and have won multiple Drupal Splash Awards for the best client solutions


Drupal is a popular open source CMS used for developing and managing websites. Drupal is known for its exceptional flexibility and scalability. It can be used as both a CMS platform for managing website content and a commerce platform with Drupal Commerce.

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Why choose Novicell?

A successful digital presence requires a world-class CMS platform or webshop. A platform that is user-friendly, scalable, and future-proof. Such a CMS platform is Drupal.

We have launched more than 30 major, complex Drupal solutions and have a large team of developers who are deeply specialized in the Drupal platform. We have over 20 years of experience with PHP, which is the technology behind Drupal.

We have delivered websites, complex integrations, e-commerce solutions, self-service solutions, intranet solutions, multisite solutions, international solutions with language versions, and many other solutions based on Drupal.

We have won several Drupal Splash Awards for our state-of-the-art Drupal customer solutions.

Advantages with Drupal

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    No licensing costs

    Open source. There are no ongoing licenses. A large global community contributes to the constant development of Drupal.

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    Drupal is a highly flexible CMS that allows you to customize your website according to your specific needs and desires. It has a modular architecture, which means you can add and remove functionality as required.

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    Drupal is a scalable CMS that can handle both small and large websites with many users and complex functionality. It is also possible to integrate Drupal with other systems and technologies.

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    Drupal is known for its high security and is often used for websites with sensitive data. Drupal offers a range of security features and modules that can protect your website from hackers and unwanted access.

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    Multisite functionality

    With Drupal, it is possible to create and manage multiple websites from the same installation. This is a significant advantage if you need to create and manage multiple websites simultaneously.

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    Drupal is known for being SEO-friendly, and it has a range of built-in features that can help you optimize your website for search engines. This can increase visibility and traffic to your website.

Drupal Splash Awards

The Drupal Splash Awards is an annual international award ceremony that honors the best Drupal projects and solutions worldwide.

Splash Awards: Red Cross

Novicell has created solutions for organizations such as Red Cross, which have won two awards. In 2019, we received a Drupal Splash Award in the category of "Best Nonprofit Organization Website" for our work on rodekors.dk. This site tells the story of Red Cross and is an essential part of their overall brand site. In the same year, we also won a Drupal Splash Award in the category of "Best Social/Community Solution" for mitrodekors.dk.

Read more about the award-winning rodekors.dk here

Splash Awards: VVS-Eksperten

At the Drupal Splash Awards in 2019, the solution for VVS-Eksperten was awarded a silver medal in the category of "Best E-commerce Solution of the Year." VVS-Eksperten's webshop features over 20,000 different item numbers, and through a full integration with Navision, it pulls prices and inventory status from all 27 stores.

Read more about the award-winning VVS-Eksperten here

Drupal for commerce solutions

Drupal is a popular solution for building commerce websites. It is a robust and flexible platform that allows you to create and manage a large number of products, categories, and payment methods. Drupal Commerce is an extension of the Drupal platform specifically designed to handle commerce solutions. It enables you to create and manage product catalogs, handle orders and payments, and customize shipping methods and rates. Drupal Commerce also supports various payment gateways and custom shipping methods.

Novicell Premium

We created Novicell Premium - an advanced plug-and-play solution built on top of Drupal that works right out of the box and is designed to grow with your business. Novicell Premium is the package of our best practices in web development, which we have turned into a foundation for your Drupal solution. It enables your business to get started quickly and cost-effectively.

Novicell Premium Umbraco

We have a truly great collaboration with highly skilled and dedicated individuals at Novicell. They have a strong understanding of our business and are able to translate that into online solutions. It gives us a competitive advantage in the market.

Helle Lykke Boyding, Communication consultant

Novicell contributes to the Drupal community with expertise and solutions

Drupal has a large community of developers and users who contribute to improving and extending the functionality of the system. Novicell is part of this community and actively contributes to the development of the Drupal platform through the implementation of customized solutions for clients and by sharing our expertise with the community.


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    Triple certified in Drupal 9

    Several of our developers have achieved Triple Certification in Drupal 9, making them the first developers in Denmark to receive this recognition.

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    Completed certifications

    Drupal developer, Frontend specialist, Backend specialist