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Consulting firm experiences a 116% increase in inquiries with Google Ads optimization

Since 2001...

Business Broker has facilitated ownership transfers and acted as project leaders in strategic acquisitions for well over 100 companies. Today, they are one of Denmark's leading advisors in the sale of medium-sized businesses. When Business Broker approached Novicell, they sought to gain insights into their website's performance and identify the channels and activities driving business conversions. This was done with the aim of growing valuable traffic and increasing visibility around the company's consulting services. Subsequently, Novicell initiated a collaboration with Business Broker, focusing on optimizing their Google Ads efforts. This endeavour has led to significant improvements in website traffic and the number of inquiries within a short period of time.

Results that make a difference

The optimization of Business Broker's Google account involved a thorough review of keywords. Through analysis and subsequent optimization, where we added performing keywords and excluded ones that didn't generate value, Business Broker achieved better utilization of their budget, increased exposure, improved conversions, and optimized CPA (cost per conversion).

+ 180 0 %

Increase in interest for Business Broker's advisors

+ 116 0 %

Increase in inquiries from Google Ads

- 42 0 %

Reduction in cost per lead

*achieved from April 2021 to September 2021 compared to the previous period

Novicell has quickly understood our universe of complex advisory services for owners of medium-sized businesses. During the period we have collaborated with Novicell, there has been a noticeable increase in relevant inquiries from our website. Additionally, we have gained an extra benefit from the collaboration due to Novicell's significant experience in SEO and LinkedIn marketing. As a result, we receive tailored solutions that match our wishes and needs. Overall, it has been a good and results-oriented partnership that we highly recommend to others.

Claus Bruun Rasmussen, Partner
Business Broker

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