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Google Ads

Be visible in the world's largest search engine. Do you want more quality traffic for your website? Then you can't avoid Google Ads.

We are a Google Premier Partner

At Novicell, we are a Google Premier Partner, which means we are one of the top 3% best Google Ads consultants in Denmark. We have many years of experience with Google Ads advertising for large and small companies within many different industries and in many countries.

How do we work with Google Ads?

Although we have a strong collaboration with Google, our clear first priority is to create value for our customers. We also do not take any share of the amount that our customers spend on Google Ads, but focus entirely on what provides the best return-on-investment for the customer. As a customer of Novicell, we take your needs as a starting point and strive to put together the best unique solution. Occasionally, Google Ads will not be the right solution for a company, which is why we recommend other channels.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is Google's online advertising platform and in its basic form is advertising on the world's largest search engine. Google Ads gives advertisers almost unlimited opportunities to reach their target audiences within a given budget and show the right ads to the right users on different networks, such as Search, Display, videos on YouTube, Shopping, Gmail, Maps, Discover and apps from the Google Play Store.

Novicell is an official Google Premier Partner consultancy and our consultants have a wide range of certifications.

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    Google Search

    Your ads are placed among Google's organic search results - at the top or bottom.

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    Google Shopping

    Product ads that appear alongside the search results on Google's search engine

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    Google Display

    Display ads are banner ads that you find around various websites.

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    Google YouTube

    Your ads are placed in different places on YouTube. Use YouTube to advertise more effectively to those searching for your product or brand.

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    App ads in Google Ads can reach users across, for example, Google Play Store, the Google search network, Display and YouTube.

Selected companies we have helped with Google Ads

The focus on Google Ads, Google Shopping advertising and dynamic remarketing produces clear results for Proshop

18 0 %

Increase in conversion rate

33 0 %

Fall in click price (CPC)

117 0 %

Increase in online sales

160 0 %

Increase in profit from Google Ads

We have worked with Novicell for many years, and greatly value their insight into our business and ability to constantly further develop and optimise our online marketing setup. They constantly challenge us over a wide range of disciplines, and the results speak for themselves.

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Mikael Kolding, Marketing Manager