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Contour Design

Contour Design successfully consolidated eight individual websites into one website and established a webshop on "Shopify Markets.

The market leader consolidates web platforms and establishes commerce

Mouse arm, ergonomics, and properly designed equipment for office work. That's where Contour Design excels. The company is a market leader in research, development, and design of ergonomic computer hardware, aiming to reduce repetitive strain injuries and other computer-related injuries. Contour Design has recently consolidated their web platforms and established a webshop to serve new customers.

Background for the project

Prior to the project with Novicell, Contour Design had eight individual websites in different languages and no webshop functionality. The company was seeking a single platform that could handle all content for all markets and also provide e-commerce capabilities. Contour Design chose Shopify to have a standardized platform and the opportunity to test various marketing initiatives. In the Shopify universe, there are numerous apps that can be tried without the need for the same level of investment in development as on other platforms, where modules may have higher implementation costs than on the Shopify platform.

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With Novicell by our side, we have had the perfect sparring partner for the development and operation of our Shopify solution. We have experienced proactive developers who ensure that we feel confident in our choice of partner and platform, and competent business developers who are ready with a solution to even the most complex challenges.

Peter Aggerholm Svendsen
Head of E-commerce & Amazon at Contour Design

Twice as many visitors

Contour Design has experienced a significant increase in the number of visitors to the site. The new showcase is specifically targeted towards customers who haven't had the opportunity to purchase products through Contour Design's extensive network of retailers. So far, B2B trading for retailers has not been established through the webshop.

  • Shopify Markets

    Contour Design utilizes "Shopify Markets," which makes it easy to scale the webshop to other markets, both in terms of translations and currencies.

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    The design of the shop is tailored to Contour Design, ensuring brand consistency.

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