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Ecommerce has never been simpler and faster. At Novicell, we are a Shopify partner, with experience in both B2C and B2B solutions, as well as integration into ERP systems such as NAV and AX.


Shopify is one of the most popular webshops worldwide with +1,000,000 webshops. Shopify probably has one of the market's lowest barriers to getting started with ecommerce, and the user experience is good and simple in terms of the solution for both the editor and the customer. Shopify sells their popular software based on a SaaS business model and the platform can be acquired from as low as US$29 per month. There is also Shopify Plus, which is targeted at the enterprise segment that needs more complex features for both B2C and B2B.

Link to shopify.com

Why choose Novicell?

Novicell is among Denmark's leading ecommerce companies, and we have experts in all disciplines of digital commerce. With us as your Shopify partner, you not only get a well-functioning webshop, but also the right advice for business development and execution in digital marketing, which means that your products also reach the customers. Even the best webshop or business idea doesn't matter if nobody knows about it, which is why we take you by the hand from your idea to first sale and beyond as far as your ambitions go.

Our Shopify experts can help with everything from simple support tasks to custom designs or integrations for business systems that can't already be integrated with one of the many apps in Shopify's app store.

Shopfiy Apps

The many apps in Shopify's app store is one of the platform's great strengths. There are apps for everything from payment solutions, integrations to CRM, ERP or other business systems, as well as for marketing automation systems, advertising channels and social media. It is the app store that turns the platform into an entire ecosystem of services that talk to each other and can manage many different business processes, and several apps are even free to use. But be aware that each app adds some functionality and thus also some complexity in the coding and the running of the webshop. We are always happy to advise you on which apps you should choose and which you should be more careful with.

Four typical segments that use Shopify:

Startups with a great idea or a clear vision to make money online

Shopify is a simple and attractively priced way to get up and running

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Established stores that want to move part of their sales online with a webshop

Here again, Shopify is a simple and attractively priced way to get up and running

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Established ecommerce companies that want to change platforms or supplement their existing ecommerce platform

Here, Shopify can be used to, for example, test sales of a separate product or new product group

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Businesses that use Shopify but need help growing or running the business efficiently

We can help you take advantage of the possibilities in Shopify or get you on Shopify Plus, which is targeted at the enterprise segment

Advantages with Shopify

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    Rapid performance

    Infrastructure and servers are located at Amazon Webservices. Therefore, the platform scales well with the option to draw in more server power when your business needs it.

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    Numerous sales channels

    Many opportunities to bring your products into play on the platforms your customers already use and the stores they already use.

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    Numerous integration opportunities

    The Shopify platform can be integrated with Dynamics, Nav, SAP and many others, so that it is adapted to your business needs.

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    Analytics out of the box

    The platform contains good built-in tools for analytics of your business, your marketing and your customers.