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Copenhagen Hospitality College

Attracting students to vocational education can be a demanding task in a competitive landscape of opportunities for young people. Therefore, the Hotel and Restaurant School has sharpened their knives and become adept at creating a cohesive brand experience of the school to attract new students.

New digital brand identity

In the autumn of 2021, Copenhagen Hospitality College had reached a phase where the new brand identity had been implemented on buildings, brochures, banners, postcards, and more – and the time had come to transfer the brand identity to the digital platforms for a cohesive brand experience. Novicell was asked to assist with this. Copenhagen Hospitality College had chosen a youthful and colourful brand identity with a high level of freshness, youthfulness, diversity, and passion to specifically appeal to prospective students. So there was plenty for Novicell's designers to work on as the brand identity was to be unfolded on a new website.

The Assignment

Copenhagen Hospitality College offers vocational education within the culinary, service, and hotel fields, primarily targeting young individuals. The previous website was text-heavy, emphasizing the importance of gathering information when making an educational choice. The creation of the new website took a different approach, striking a balance between factual information and a visual experience aimed at providing young individuals with a vibrant impression of the school and its programs. As a result, the new website heavily relies on images and videos.

It has been a pleasure working with the Novicell team, who quickly demonstrated a great understanding of the task and our priorities. Throughout the process, we experienced both being heard and challenged in our thoughts and preparations. At the same time, we experienced secure management, good dialogue, and creative solutions, allowing us to achieve the creation of an inspiring website that will attract more young people to choose our educational programs.

Marianne Søndergaard, Communication manager
Copenhagen Hospitality College

Navigation and UX

The navigation now functions much easier for each visitor, as all factual information for each education can be found on the respective education page. Specifically, this means that if someone is interested in the waiter education, they will find the specific education page for waiter education, where all information about application deadlines, admission requirements, student grants, events, future opportunities, and more can be found. Similarly, it has now become easier for hotels and restaurants - that is, prospective employers - to post internship job ads via forms, view courses and further education courses for employees, participate in career days - in short, get closer to the school.

From locked grids to creative, conversion-optimized landing pages

From locked grids to creative, conversion-optimized landing pages The new website is built on a modular solution, where the Hotel and Restaurant School can create dynamic and exciting landing pages using various components on a clean, universal content page in Umbraco, which is the chosen CMS platform. This is intended to bring freshness and variation to the page structure, allowing the selection of themes and colours for each component. This has provided editors with more freedom and possibilities for landing pages and campaign pages compared to the previous website, which was built using locked grids.

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What is the goal?

The goal is to attract more new and motivated students to the hotel and restaurant programs and thus "redirect" as many young people as possible to www.optagelse.dk, where they can apply for final admission. Therefore, tracking for the Hotel and Restaurant School ends at the number of individuals who click on the link to optagelse.dk. On all education pages, conversion optimization is considered, with a natural flow of information and clear call-to-action buttons saying "Sign up here".

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